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Jul 08, 2011
1.5 and up
Avg. score: 4.4
Rating: 9

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Random BEEP with "Random SMS"


Random BEEP with "Random SMS" Description

Want to annoy people discretely? Well now you can thanks to our new Android app.

Want to annoy people discretely? Well now you can. Set your android device to emit an ear piercing beep every day, hour, minute, or second, what ever you prefer. This program can be installed on any android device (including a device owned by someone you wish to target) and set to run in the background. The beep intervals are set in milliseconds to the users preference. When in the foreground, the screen color alternates between each beep. The frequency of the beep is optimized to the side of most cell phone speakers and can be heard by most humans any age unlike the mosquito sound that can only be heard by a smaller crowd. The frequency is high enough so that it can be very difficult to pin point where the sound is coming from. Speakers with a diaphragm larger then a half inch may not have the same effect.

A recently added feature "Random SMS" will send a text message at every random beep. Works great for annoying people remotely. If you do not have an unlimited text messaging plan I do not recommend using this feature as this feature can be very intensive with sending text messages. Install and enjoy!

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Google Play Comments

Would be nice ifthere was a "random"setting where it'll beep randomly in a user ...Would be nice ifthere was a "random"setting where it'll beep randomly in a user customizable range of time (eg. Once every 4-8 minutes)
Different kind of an idea so had to check it outIt'd be cool if you could choose.different beep sounds. Still have to try the sms option. I was hoping.there was a sms test that send to your own number so you could see exactly what it does
I have a blast secretly annoying people with this one! 

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