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Sep 27, 2012
2.1 and up
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Rating: 30

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Rally Description

The number 1 app for special stage, regularity, historic, TSD & vintage rallies

Rally is the leading, GPS enabled, competition grade application for use in almost all types of rally including time trial, special stage, regulatory, TSD, historic and vintage rallies.

Rally supports single and multi-day rallies containing an almost unlimited number of sections containing all types of time and passage controls, grouping, service, refuel, holding, locality, special and time trial elements as well an unlimited number of in sector average speed, time and distance changes.

With the GPS enabled, Rally accurately determines distances travelled while calculating current and required average speeds. By combining this with time and distance details all time, speed and distance data is presented in real time either texturally or graphically by simple rotating the display between landscape and portrait modes.

Without the GPS enabled, Rally can be used in conjunction with precision rally odometers, allowing Rally to be used in real-time as a pre-programmed rally trip computer that provides on-going computations for time, distance and average speed hence eliminating many time consuming, in rally, manual calculations.

Both the graphical and textural displays show time remaining, distance travelled, section, required and current average speeds. Also displayed are the time lost/gained and the distance lost/gained against the ideal. All calculations are provided relative to the official rally time which can be synchronised at the rally start.

During each section it is possible for the distance travelled and the ATC to be reset and the display may be changed from metric (km/kph) to imperial (miles/mph) at any time. A split timer stop watch is also available for use at any time and automatically during time trial and special stages.

Rally contains real-time data logging and telemetry to allow the time, speed and distance information that can be collected during an event to be made available in real time where it can be visualised remotely via the web-site.

While Rally uses the GPS to determine distance travelled,. no form of wireless data connection is required to operate rally during an event.

Finally, the developers of Rally are very keen to make Rally the 'must have' application for all eligible rally events and all feedback, ideas and suggestions are welcome. Almost all of these to-date have already quickly been included in new versions.

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SuperWill put it to the test this Saturday night! 1000 Snowbanks rally in Quebec. Many thanks to Robin for finding solutions to some questions I had posed!
Amazing app. Still have to figure out though,...- How to use it on a rally where roadbook is not known in advance ? - is there a problem on the analog kph display or is it me !? ... ( target average is not accurate ? ( 0-40 at most ?)
Excellent app. Well thought out, and extremely sportive developer 

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