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Sep 27, 2011
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Rail Yatra


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Rail Enquiry anytime anywhere with Rail Yatra Now enquire about your train journey related information through your Mobile phone by downloading our user friendly application free of cost. This application provides information about Train Timings, PNR Enquiry, Fare Enquiry, Seat Availability & much more. Some of the key benefits of this application are as follows: • Instant Information Service • No dependency on Internet or Travel Agents. • Get access Anytime & Anywhere on the go. • Service available by all operators across India.

User can access all 6 enquiry options through this app as stated below.

1. PNR STATUS: Give your PNR Number and receive your latest reservation status. 2. TRAIN ARRIVAL & DEPARTURE TIME ENQUIRY: Key in your Train Number and Station Code to receive your Train Arrival Departure time. 3. SEAT AVAILABILITY: Simply enter your details like Train Number, Journey Date, Source & Destination Station STD Codes and Traveling class to receive all the information. 4. TRAIN FARE ENQUIRY: Simply enter your details like Train Number, Source & Destination Station STD Codes and Traveling class to receive all the information. 5. TRAIN TIME TABLE: Give your Train Number and receive the Train Time Table. 6. TRAIN NAME or NUMBER: Give your Train Number and receive the Train Name or vice versa.

The application also facilitates the user with certain more options. • For user ease, there is a search button on the app where station STD code has to be filled. The user can simply key in the first 3 characters of the source or destination city name and can fetch the station code easily. • All the information enquired by the user during a particular session is sent to the user via a sms. This gives the user the convenience to simply view all the received information even after quitting the application. • This app has a bookmark feature wherein a user can save the last searched inputs. This option is for ease of user so that he does not need to re-enter the data again for the same query. • There is a “Call 139” option wherein a user can simply opt to call our call center & get the required information.

Now what are you waiting for?? Just click on the Download Button and Enjoy our Rail Yatra App!!

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