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May 10, 2013
Varies with device
Varies with device
Varies with device
Avg. score: 4.2
Rating: 6

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QwikQ Netflix Queue Manager


QwikQ Netflix Queue Manager Description

QwikQ is designed to allow you to quickly manage your Netflix queues. Don't have a movie in your queue? With QwikQ, you can quickly search for the title you want and add it to your disc or instant queue. QwikQ is the common-sense, no-hassle approach to your Netflix queue management needs. Features:
•The only app on Android that allows you to add TV series/seasons
•Browse over 20 categories
•Tablet interface
•Move titles to any position
•Add/remove titles
•Search for movies by title or by actor/actress or director
•Inline auto-complete for searches
•Single sign-on
•Control mobile/WIFI data usage through settings
•Supports both U.S. and Canadian Netflix catalogsNew features will be added by request!
✓ Contact support in-app: Settings→Help→Contact SupportHow-to:
•Click on a title in your queue to view more details
•Long click on an item to move to top, move to bottom, move to any position, or remove
•Click on the search icon to search by title or person
•Click menu or overflow button (next to search icon) for more settings and browsingRequirements:
•Requires a Netflix user account
•Requires an active connectionIf you have any issues please contact our support and allow us the opportunity to correct it prior to leaving a bad review. You can uninstall during the refund period risk-free and we will update you by email when the issue is fixed.*QwikQ does not store or ask for any of your personal information

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