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Oct 18, 2012
2.1 and up
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Quick Heal MobileSecurity Free


Quick Heal MobileSecurity Free Description

Mobile Security protects from viruses, identity theft, unwanted calls, and text.

Free Mobile Security for Android Smartphones and tablets. Fully-packed features and robust anti-theft.
Best mobile security for Android. Highly-rated mobile phone security software (4.5 out of 5)
FREE Android Mobile phone and tablet antivirus and mobile privacy app.
Free virus protection, mobile internet security & antitheft for Android™ smartphones & tablets. This is your next-generation security app just as awesome as your Android! Automatically scans malware, phishing attacks, SMS spam and Vishing calls, locates lost or stolen devices and more.
Quick Heal Mobile Security protects, scans, and provides the perfect set of handcuffs to lock your device against theft.

Features & Benefits:

Virus Protection:
• Automatically scans malware, spyware, and Trojans.
• Scans each downloaded app to ensure that it’s safe.
• Intelligent software automatically updates itself against latest virus definitions.
• Scans data on your SD card/memory card or if you’re using somebody else’s card to protect against malware.
• Advanced protection settings empower you with Smartphone security against Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUA) and Adware.

• Remote locking allows you to lock your precious android and block its usage.
• Mobile tracking helps you in locating your lost or stolen device.
• SIM Change Notification when enabled sends you the new number (in case of a SIM Card change) to an alternate number provided by you.
• If the SIM card is removed after it’s stolen Quick Heal Mobile Security will block the usage of your Android device.

• If the mobile device contains sensitive information you can lock the phone access remotely.
• Remotely wipe data by sending a pre-defined SMS.
• Choose the data that you want to wipe-out like for e.g. contacts, SMSs and specific folders.

Call Filtering:
• Blocks unwanted calls. Stops vishing attacks.
• Silent blocking action doesn’t interrupt.
• Helps to configure black list for your contacts.

SMS Blocking & Spam Protection:
• Silently blocks unwanted SMSs.
• Scans links in SMSs and filters infected/harmful links to prevent Smishing attacks.
• Blocks SMSs from unwanted or unknown numbers.
• Helps you to create White and Black lists for your SMS contacts.

Device Administrators:
• Listing Quick Heal Mobile Security in the device administrators helps you secure the application from being uninstalled by unauthorized users.
Please note: If you have to uninstall Quick Heal Mobile Security, you will first have to deactivate Device Administrators. This can be done by:
• Selecting Security under the Device Settings then selecting Select Device Administrators.
• Uncheck Quick Heal Mobile Security.
• Tap Deactivate on the confirmation screen to remove Device Administrators.
• If you have enabled Anti-Theft, you will need to provide the secret code set while enabling Anti-Theft to remove Quick Heal Mobile Security from Device Administrators.

To learn more visit
For FAQs or queries on Quick Heal Mobile Security log on to
Learn about the latest security threats at

Important: Quick Heal Mobile Security does not support dual SIM Android mobile devices. Some features may or may not work on dual SIM Android mobile devices.

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Dr Avinash
AhhhHow to uninstall it. Pathetic Indian antivirus. Not able to remove it. It says it is system administer. Please want to get rid of it.
Galaxy YTo remove it 1st go to settings>location&security>device administrator>uncheck it. then uninstall....
Want to get rid from itBad antivirus. I am using trial version in Galaxy Y any body now how to uninstall it please tell. I want to get rid from it.

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