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Sep 02, 2011
1.6 and up
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QRC Reader


QRC Reader Description

With this App you can easily scan QR Codes and store them for future reference.

A QR Code, or "Quick Response" Code, sometimes called a 2-D barcode, is readable by QR Scanners (like this App). A variety of different information can be encoded in the QR Code, often triggering an action like showing contact information or redirecting you to a website.

QR Codes are starting to pop up everywhere! With this QRC Reader App, you can easily scan them and store them for future reference. Quick scanning of codes allows you to simply point your device's camera at the QR Code and QRC Reader will do the rest, displaying the text, redirecting you to a URL, revealing contact information or even a secret code.

Once scanned, your QR Codes are saved in your history until you delete them so you'll never have to rescan the same code. Easily keep track of all of the codes in your history and organize them by category (contacts, text, email, geo, phone numbers, SMS, websites). You can even save scanned codes to a Favorites category.

This app now includes a home screen widget!

Upgrading to Pro:
Upgrade to PRO and unlock these exciting new features! QRC READER PRO allows you to create your very own QR Codes for contacts, WIFI, email, phone numbers, websites, SMS, geo-location and text right within the APP. NO Website needed! Share these QR codes with your family, friends and colleagues through SMS and email! You can also decode images from your photo library or camera within the banner free version of QRC READER PRO. Be in the know with QRC READER PRO!

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Very convenientThis is a very useful app in this technological world. It is also reasonably user friendly.
BSI bought the pro version, had to reset my phone,lost my google account now i have to pay for pro version again. Drop to 1 star, not paying twice. TOLO
AwesomeThat is probably the best... wait this is the best QRC reader that I have found and I have tried probably 10 of them So if you're looking for The best

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