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Apr 07, 2012
2.1 and up
Avg. score: 3.7
Rating: 262

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PuzzleQube 3D picture puzzle


PuzzleQube 3D picture puzzle Description

The Unique 3D Picture Puzzle! Spin the cube and unscramble the pictures.

A great way to spend some time, PuzzleQube is a picture puzzle in three dimensions. The cube has 6 pictures that have been scrambled up and your task is to unscramble the pictures as quickly as possible! Download new pictures once you finish the puzzle! Check-in to Heyzap and share games with friends and more!

Touch and drag on the screen to rotate the cube. Double-tap the squares to swap them and so unscramble the pictures.

There are three difficulty levels and each puzzle starts with with the squares arranged in random positions - so every game is different making the game challenging every time.

Time how fast you can finish the puzzle and save your times in the 'Best Times List'.

Free users can now use their own pictures instead of the built-in images for a trial number of times. Use pictures of your house, friends, family, even your pet!

Buy PuzzleQube Upgrade from the Market to remove adverts and use your own pictures for as many times as you like!

Join us on twitter: @GreyKnotts

NOTE: Please email me if you have any problems or suggestions rather than just rating badly - I will do what I can to fix any issues.

Keywords: picture puzzle, photo puzzle, cube puzzle, block puzzle, jigsaw puzzle, 3D puzzle, puzzel, brain teaser, free puzzle

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Please read help before giving a bad rating!Nicole - please read the help, look at the demo video or email me if you don't understand how to use the puzzle. Thousands of other people somehow managed to understand and enjoy it!
Best puzzle program out there!I love this program! Well written program and runs perfectly. It's really exciting to solve a challenge and then see what group of pics will be your next challenge. They've picked some great pics for this program. Well worth the fact I'd be willing to pay much more. My only disappointment is I want it on my home computer.
FunI would like to put in my own pictures. Some that are harder.

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