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Jan 18, 2012
1.5 and up
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Puzzle Messenger


Puzzle Messenger Description

Communication tool with puzzle games.

■ What's "Puzzle Messenger"?
Puzzle Messenger is an application for creating sliding block puzzles. You can convert your favorite photos or pictures to puzzles, and send them with messages by email.
Furthermore, Painting function is also available. You will enjoy making puzzles of illustrations created on your Android. Scribbled photos can be converted to puzzles, as well.
There are a wide variety of other functions such as the puzzle hint guide. Puzzle Messenger is a breakthrough communication tool whose capabilities will be enhanced by your ideas.

■ Functions of Puzzle Messenger
・ Puzzle Making
This function converts your favorite photos or pictures to sliding block puzzles.
You can choose from the following puzzle sizes: 9 piece 3 by 3, 16 piece 4 by 4, or 25 piece 5 by 5. The maximum storage capacity is up to 6 puzzles.
* Send an email to yourself with a puzzle that you have made. You can play it without saving (N.B. Not available for editing the puzzle.).
・ Painting
You can enjoy painting with the multicolor pen, whose line thickness is adjustable.
The enlargement function will help you to describe in details.
Furthermore, scribbling on ready-made images is available.
・ Message
This function sets the messages displayed when the puzzle games are completed.
・ Email
This function sends emails to your recipients with the puzzles you have created. By using Email function, your email receivers can also enjoy the puzzle games.
・ Puzzle Hint Guide
During the game playing, you can choose whether the completed pictures will be displayed or not.
Not displaying any completed pictures will increase the difficulty levels.

■ Examples for using Puzzle Messenger
・ Puzzle love letters using Message and Email functions
・ Campaigns using Message and Email functions
・ Labyrinth games and shape sorting puzzles using Puzzle Hint Guide function

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