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Feb 26, 2013
2.1 and up
Avg. score: 4.4
Rating: 437

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PSB - Private SMS MMS Calls


PSB - Private SMS MMS Calls Description

Please dial password (default 1234) to open this application.FAQ:
Looking to secure your private MMS, SMS and Calls?Willing to make conversation like IM?
Your privacy is our high priority objective.Note: On upgrade Password will be reset to 1234.After open application, from setting you can create application shortcut for easy access.
1. MMS support(BETA).(only Image)
2. User friendly chatting(conversation) view.
3. Threading View
4. Password protected SMS , MMS, Call box.
5. Hide Application in device for more privacy. Just dial you password to open application.(default password will be "1234")
6. Customize Notification text for more privacy.
7. Option to move old SMS/MMS to Private database.
8. Option to move back private SMS/MMS when contact removed from private list.
9. Option to set Timer to close Private SMS/MMS Box application when idle.
10. No SMS logs in callhistory (Samsung Captivate)
11. Easy to move contact from/to private database.
12. Export / Import your private SMS/MMS database. (even you can move from one device to other)
13. Instance customer support.Notes:
1. Please make sure you have not installed any other SMS related third party application on device.
2. Please remove "Private SMS Box-AD" before installing paid version.
3. To hide application from list you may need to uninstall old version.
User Guide:
=========== email us if you have any question, instead of asking or explaining in comments.experimental tag: private call, secure call, secret call, calllogs, short message, SMS,SMS Lock, SMSLock,SMSLocker, MMS, contact list, chat, protection, privacy, private sms android, android private sms, privatesms android, private sms, download private sms android, private MMS, secure SMS, secure MMS, private secure, popup mms, secret mms, secret sms, record emotions message messages hide yourself eyes invisible at world invisible girlfriend boyfriend parents message journal store record emotions, secret sms, text message, sms, txt, private sms, private message, secret message, hide sms, hide message, encrypt sms, encrypt message, messaging, message center, lock messages, lock sms, hide text, secret text, hidden text, hide my sms, hide my message, hide my text, secret text, private text, private message, private text, secure sms, secure message, secure text, text, sms, message, GoSMS, Go SMS,text, texts, texting, text message, text messages, textplus, textPlus, text plus, free, free text,
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message, messages, messaging, messenger, chat, connect, friends, meet, schedule, share, events,
talk, conversation, communication, social, social chat, phone, number, phone number, sync, synchronize, US, Canada, world, global, device, devices,
app, application, applications, text to Android, Droid, sms device, mms, tablet, text to tablet, send text from tablet, send text from Android, sms on
computer, remotesms, smsbackup, sms backup, cloudDISCLAIMER: No promises, warrantees, or guarantees are offered and should not be implied. The developer reserves the right to make changes to this application at any time. This includes offering paid services, deleting any or all sections currently within the application, or adding any additional section(s) covering any topic which the developer feels would be appropriate for the application. Application users are not required to make any purchases and use of this application is purely voluntary. Additionally, the developer is not obligated to perform any future work on this app. Furthermore, the developer reserves the right to profit from work being done on this application. The delevoper also reserves the right to make changes to this disclaimer at any time.

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AmazingGreat app but could use some work. It let a mms through one time and when a private contact calls their name shows up. Would love to see a feature that allowed us to save and store pics/vids from mms in a secure area.
This App actually worksIt's a great app and works well. However if I were u just get the free one an put up with ads as there not a lot of difference between the two
GS 3Love the app keep up the good work

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