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Progress Revolution Boston 2011 Smart App: The Revolution mobile application is designed to enhance and extend your experience at Progress Revolution. This interactive application for your Android offers a wide variety of information and options that include:

- Connect with Revolution Attendees: The revolution smart app allows you to search, connect and communicate with other attendees with similar business interests. The attendee finder and integrated messaging system allows you to exchange real-time information, contact fellow attendees and arrange instant meetings. With this exciting feature you can stay connected with all of your new contacts during and after the conference.

- Progress Q&A: Do you have a question about a Progress product? The Revolution smart app will allow you to obtain information about Progress, Progress products, conference questions, and other related information about the Progress community.

- Conference Updates: Receive real time conference news and up–to-the-minute list of conference events. With this unique feature you will receive access to a video channel where instant videos and interviews from Revolution are accessible in real time.

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