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Aug 23, 2012
2.2 and up
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Private Line - Privacy Protect


Private Line - Privacy Protect Description

Private Line - Privacy Protection.
Do Not Disturb App.Block All Phone Calls and Texts, and Only Allow Specific People To Be Able to Contact You. Decide who can reach you, and when. Perfect for doctors, professionals, parents or anyone who needs privacy.
Similar "Do Not Disturb" apps sell for $2.99-$5.99. Download Private Line for a limited time for $0.99!Think about being on vacation - you want complete privacy! No phone calls from your business, bill collectors or your ex. But you can’t just turn off your phone because you need to be reachable if your children or babysitter need you.
With Private Line, you can be reached by important people, even when you’re on vacation, in a business meeting, at a movie, or otherwise unavailable. Don’t ever be disturbed again! Here’s how: • Download Private Line
• Setup your “hotlist” using contacts from your address book.
• Enter Private Line Mode
• Calls and texts from your “hotlist” will ring through to you.
• All others will be sent directly to voice mail or to your inboxKey Features:
• Easy to use interface
• Easy to setup
• All contacts are blocked
• Ability to allow contacts from Android contact rolodex
• Allowed contacts will be notified via custom text message when Private Line is running, so they know not to bother you unless it’s important.
• All Calls and Texts are Logged
• Toggle Private Line on/off or set custom time duration for how long Private Line will run.
• Plus Much, Much MoreWhen your phone is in Private Line mode, only the numbers in your "Hotlist" will be able to call and text you. It offers them a direct Private Line to you. It’s especially useful for parents, students and business professionals alike. Think of it as "Call-Allowing," the offspring of your cellular services' popular feature, "Call-Blocking."Device Requirements:
• Android 2.2 or 2.3
• Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Download Private Line today and try it yourself!

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Return to sanityFinally, I feel I've recaptured some of the simplicity of my pre-cellphone life. Namely, I am no longer presumed "reachable" at all times. I can "drop off the grid" from time to time, but still feel secure that I won't miss the calls that are truly important. Where has this app been all my life???
Pretty coolI like this app I would recommend it
Private LineThis app is exactly what I needed. I can leave my phone on the table during meetings and only the important calls come through....perfect!

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