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Apr 15, 2011
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Pregnancy Nutrition


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Find Out Everything You Need to Know About Pregnancy and Nutrition Without Having to Buy a Medical Dictionary!

There is no time in your child’s life that nutrition is going to be as important as it is right now, when it hasn’t even drawn its first breath.

Proper nutrition and good health are a vital part of having a healthy pregnancy, preventing many major birth defects and decreasing your chance of delivering a premature or low birth weight baby.

Since your baby is obviously incapable of eating by itself at this point in time they are going to get all of the nutrients they need to grow and develop properly from the foods that you eat. That means that you have to make sure that you’re eating enough for both of you-and not just in mean calories either!

For the next nine months the nutrients that you take in are going to have to sustain both your health and that of your fetus, so it’s essential that you make sure you’re getting enough of the necessary vitamins and minerals for both of you.

Your Prenatal Vitamins Aren’t Enough!

Many women read the section above and think, ‘I’m taking my prenatal vitamins like my physician told me, and I’m trying to eat healthy. Do I still have to worry about my nutrition?’

The answer to that is ABSOLUTELY. Prenatal vitamins help, but there is no substitute for proper nutrition during the gestation period. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t take prenatal vitamins.

They will go a long way toward helping to compensate for the necessary nutrients that are all but impossible to get through your food in a day.

There is a reason that prenatal vitamins are called nutritional supplements, however. On their own they’re not sufficient to ensure that your baby grows and develops properly. That’s why it’s vital that you understand what you need to do during your pregnancy to keep both you and baby healthy.

A lot of books on prenatal nutrition throw words like gestational diabetes, frenulum and folic acid around without ever bothering to explain what they are, leaving you scrambling for a dictionary and eventually causing you to give up. After all, if you can't even understand it when you read about it, how on earth are you ever going to do it?!?!

This book is among the first books to be written with the expertise of a medical expert and from the viewpoint of the average, everyday, ordinary, "going to be the one actually getting up in the middle of the night to change the baby's diaper while the obstetrician sleeps peacefully mom".

It's the book on pregnancy nutrition you'll actually understand, explained in stages to make it easy for you to give your baby the best chance at being born healthy and happy.

In this book, you will learn how to:

# The various stages of fetal development
# How nutrition affects how your baby grows
# The role that nutrition plays in determining whether or not your child has a birth defect
# How to have a healthy baby without giving up your favorite foods
# What to do when you can't follow a regular pregnancy “diet”
# How to lose those pregnancy pounds afterward quickly and painlessly, even if you’re nursing
# And a lot MORE!

With this book, anyone can learn what they need to know about pregnancy nutrition. Fetuses need most of the same things that adults do in order to thrive, so the hop from a pre-pregnancy diet to a pregnancy diet to a post-pregnancy diet should be a piece of cake!

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So helpfull!!Really fab app for first time mums who are worried/concerned with doo's and dont's...even advises on excercise! :)

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