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Dec 03, 2011
2.2 and up
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Popular Baby Names


Popular Baby Names Description

Find a special name for your new baby boy or girl.

The newest baby name rankings plus all of the most popular baby names from the last 100 years. Easily explore all the baby names to discover the perfect name for your new baby. Includes the name origins and the meanings along with popularity trends.

Based on national birth records the list includes the latest names results with Sophia the new #2 name for girls and Isabella the most popular girl name for the second year in a row. New changes on the boys side includes Aiden entering the top 10 most popular names for the first time at #9.

Search the most popular USA names or the most popular names from over ten different countries like Australia, England, France, Ireland, Mexico, Spain, and Sweden.

Perfect when trying to create a list of your favorite names and choose a name for your new baby.

App Features include:

• Origins of names
• Meanings of names
• Favorites list to organize names
• International names from over 10 different countries
• Latest popularity trends and rankings
• Most popular names from each decade
• Search for names by letter and meaning
• Highest historical rankings for popular names
• Easily share favorite names over email, facebook, or twitter

Aesop is the leader in mobile apps for parents. Aesop apps are designed for growing families and available for pregnancy, childbirth, infant care and more. Animated stories from Aesop include digital retellings of classic Aesop's Fables designed to educate and entertain children.

Available for download onto Android phones and tablets at the Android Market and the Amazon App Store. Also available for iPhone and iPad. Learn more online at

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Google Play Comments

Good reference app .. and fun to use!Great app to look up all kinds of fun facts about names. Kinda bummed that my name reached its pinnacle back in '76 .. but what are you gonna do.
LimitedSelection of names seemed really limited, with many names repeated with every possible variations. We flew through the list in under an hour and asked, "That's it?" Would only display in portrait mode - annoying on a tablet. When I drilled down for details on a name and then went back to the full list, it would always return me to the top of the list, regardless of where I had been in the list.
Fun AppVery extensive list of names. Clever info on origins and meanings of names.

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