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Nov 04, 2012
2.0 and up
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Pool Pro


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Let Pool Pro make maintaining your swimming pool easy!

Notice! Now available, a full featured 10 day trial version. Download here:

Pool Pro makes it easy to maintain your swimming pool's chemical levels. Designed for use by pool maintenance professionals. (See Pool Pro Home version if you're a home owner maintaining your own pool).

Supports chlorine, bromine, and salt pools. Allows you to track total chlorine, free chlorine, combined chlorine, bromine, salt, ph balance, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, stabilizer, borate, TDS, phosphates, nitrates, silver, iron, copper, water temperature, and calculates Langelier and Calcite saturation indexes, which is critical to prevent corrosion. Calculates combined chlorine and lets you know when your swimming pool needs to be shocked.

After you enter your chemical levels, the values are compared to industry recommended tolerances, which you can override if you wish, and the application recommends what needs to be added to bring your chemical levels back into safe balance. No more guessing! And a safe swimming pool for your family and friends.

All test results are saved to a history file so you can look back and see whether a particular chemical level has maintained stable levels or has been fluctuating.

Supports mapping, directions, and multiple stop route scheduling with Google Maps, Google Navigator, BestRoute, Trippster and more. Test results can be emailed to your customers giving your customers confidence that their swimming pool is being maintained properly.

Just added a Sync database option which allows companies with multiple employees to keep their databases on each phone or tablet setup identically. You can do all customer setup on one phone and then download to all other phones, or allow everyone to do their own maintenance, and then synchronize additions and changes to all phones.

Export maintenance and supplies used during each pool inspection to help facility invoicing.

Note: If you have any problems with my applications, please press the 'Report Problem' button first. But that doesn't provide enough information sometimes and Google doesn't provide any method for developers to contact you and request more information. Just a few lines in an email specifying what steps you were taking when the error occurred is tremendously helpful. I am eager to fix any problems you may experience with my apps. Also, I am open to any suggestions for improvement.

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Great AppIt does what expensive software do or claim to do. However the ability to import multiple contacts from G-mail or excel at one time, and to take before and after picture would be nice. I really like the developer, he is answering all the questions promptly, offers help and solutions to every problem. I really recommend this app.
Great app!Developer is VERY responsive to questions or problems! App is awesome and the results are VERY accurate! This makes my job less complicated. Thanks EDIT: Everything that has been asked for by anyone has been added by the Dev! UPDATE: With each update, this app just keeps getting better!!!
Excellent App!Tested the free version and will gladly pay for the app. Does just about everything a professional pool cleaner needs to log and share the the results with the customers. Easy to look up history. UPDATE: It just keeps getting better. The Dev is fantastic. Syncing database is wonderful.

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