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Mar 18, 2012
1.6 and up
Avg. score: 4.2
Rating: 231

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Pocket Comedy Sounds Ringtones


Pocket Comedy Sounds Ringtones Description

Funny soundboard, free sounds, free ringtones, free sound effects, free music

Ready to use sitcom funny soundboard with a bunch of pretty or funny and high quality sound effects and music.
You can set them as Ringtones or Notification Sounds!

NEW: Skyrim sounds!!
EPICNESS comes to your phone !!

What is "Pocket Comedy Modular" ?
It's the classic "Pocket Comedy", but with all the sounds exported into separate downloadable Sound Packs.
Why? Because the huge size of the classic "Pocket Comedy" was causing download problems to many users.

Now you can DOWNLOAD and UPDATE the Sound Packs you are interested into, directly FROM INSIDE "Pocket Comedy Modular" (the official Market is opened on the Pack's download page)

Updates and expansions will be smaller and easier to download.



Q: << So do i have to worry updating a bunch of stuff now? >>

A: << No. Just keep "Pocket Comedy Modular" updated. It will take care of showing you eventual new Sound Packs or updating existing ones. >>

Q: << So are "Pocket Comedy" and "Pocket Comedy FX Only" to be considered deprecated (old stuff) ? >>

A: << Yes, "Pocket Comedy Modular" was made to replace them both. >>


** NOTE: In this first release, "Pocket Comedy Modular" has the same contents of the classic "Pocket Comedy", but divided in external downloadable Sound Packs.

Now that we've made it modular, we'll start working on the Sound Packs!
Thank you all for your **GREAT** suggestions!


Product Description:

Applauses, laughs, Oooohs, Booos, music, sound effects, animal sounds, Star Wars sounds, Star Trek sounds, sports sounds, Mario sounds, fighting sounds, warfare sounds, Captain Falcon sounds, The Price Is Right sounds, Jeopardy sounds, X Factor sounds. Chuck Norris sounds, This is Sparta, It's over 9000, Antoine Dodson "Bed intruder", Charlie Sheen "winning", etc...

Charge up your boring moments with friends and co-workers with some humour!

Mime ping-pong or tennis virtual matches using your cell as a racket and amuse people around you...

Play pranks with funny sounds...

Play laughs or applauses effects right after "Mr.know-it-all" finishes his boooring speech...

If you think "Pocket Comedy" is missing some interesting sounds, just press the "Suggest a sound" button, and email me a description of the sound you would like.
Don't rate me a low score because there isn't the sound you want ;)
I'll try to update frequently with the sounds you ask (if possible).

Pocket comedy is free (Ad-ware), and App2SD friendly :)

E-mail me for suggestions or requests.

Thank you!

Keywords: sounds , free sounds , funny sounds , games sounds , soundboard , free soundboard , funny soundboard , games soundboard, christmas music, xmas music

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excellent but...i love this app i think its brilliant but it really does need up dating more often coz since iv had it there has not been 1 change, gets kinda boring after a while wif the same old thing
Good sounds, unreliable as ringtone.Love the sounds but they keep resetting when set to ringtones.
CoolPackages take way too long to download, but its worth it. There should still be a way to download the original pocket comedy instead of pocket comedy modular though

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