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Nov 13, 2013
1.5 and up
Avg. score: 2.8
Rating: 416

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Platinum Solitaire 3


Platinum Solitaire 3 Description

Welcome to Platinum Solitaire 3, the ultimate adaptation of the most popular card game ever. Get ready to trot the globe in pursuit of the good life! Play big, earn some cash, and build your casino empire! Eager to play classic Solitaire? Quickplay mode will provide instant fun. But this new version also lets you enjoy 16 other addictive card games. Unlock new locations and challenges as you progress through the game. But remember: no risk means no reward!

- Play classic Solitaire for hours & try to beat your best score; you’ll be addicted in no time!
- Enjoy 17 different card games for all types of fun, including Spider, FreeCell, and Pyramid.
- Easy-to-understand tutorials and in-game hints will help you to start having fun right away.
- Win high stakes games all over the world & build a reputation in Rio, Dubai, Paris, Vegas & more.
- Adjusted betting system helps beginners get started but creates lots of challenge for experts.
- Unlock tons of new content as you progress: New characters, locations, magic tricks & more!

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Google Play Comments

Unplayable on HTC SensationGame doesn't go full-screen on Sensation but even worse, it cuts off the right side of the screen (so you can't even play the game). Fix this and it might be a good game. UPDATE: Hasn't been fixed since initial release. Disappointed in Gameloft and has kept me from purchasing their games, since they don't seem to support them very well.
Very Disappointed!I purchased Platinum Solitaire a couple of years ago and thought it would be the same. I was so disappointed. Platinum Solitaire 3 is no where near as good as the original Platinum Solitaire I purchased for my iPod Touch a couple of years ago. It's missing a lot of things that really made me like this solitaire over all the others. One thing it needs is 3 card draw. I like the shake and it re-deals the cards too. It's just not as polished or as smooth as it is on iPhone or iPod. Honestly, I've had my Android for over a year now but I still keep and play my iPod Touch just for the original Platinum Solitaire.
No nick name.
DisappointedHorrible, does not display, please fix this. I had this on my old phone, and loved it, so bought it for this one, I was exicited. Waste of 99 cents for sure. But I do love the game. I am using a HTC and it does not show all he graphics making it impossible to see he entire screen to play

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