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Mar 18, 2013
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Planning A Recording Studio


Planning A Recording Studio Description

Do you want to build a recording studio? Where do you begin? This course demystifies the planning process and teaches how to get your studio designed and built!
Ask anyone who has tried to design a recording studio and they'll tell you: it's a very complicated process that requires a lot of planning. There are many moving parts involved. So, where do you begin? Well, first you've got to understand the various stages of the studio design process, and that’s exactly what this first course in our Studio Design and Construction series will teach you!It begins with a section called Design First Steps. This is where you learn how to transform your studio dream into reality by focussing your thinking on the kind of studio you want to design. You see how to define your goals, plan your budget and zero in on your musical philosophy so that your new studio will be in sync with your vision.Next up is a section on Site Location: Choosing a proper location is key. Whether it’s in your house or in a commercial building, the location of your studio, and how it interacts with the space around it, is one of the most important decisions you will make. This course explains the different design criteria studio designers employ to pick the optimum place to build. But that's just the beginning: You also get a primer on acoustics and how to design your studio's acoustical treatment. You learn about Room Modes, Absorption & Diffusion characteristics, Reverb Time, and more. There’s also a section on the initial construction techniques to help you layout your control room, live room and isolation room.After finishing this course be sure to watch the other courses in our Studio Edge series to help you finish designing and constructing your recording studio.Table of contents:
1. Introduction
2. Planning a Studio
3. The 5 Year Goal
4. How Do You Work?
5. Analysis Paralysis
6. Ergonomics and Health
7. Budget
8. Philosophies of Gear Selection
9. Studio Site Selection
10. Don't Bother the Neighbors
11. Time to Brainstorm
12. Studio Acoustics
13. Room Modes and Minimizing
14. Early Reflections
15. Reverb Time
16. Tools to Control Sound
17. Understanding Sound Absorption Coefficients
18. Absorption
19. Diffusion
20. Isolation: Mass
21. Decoupling
22. Building a Good Sounding Room
23. How Much Treatment Do I Need?
24. Placement: Control Room
25. Placement: Studio Live Room
26. Placement: Isolation Room

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