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May 28, 2013
2.0 and up
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Planimeter - GPS area measure


Planimeter - GPS area measure Description

New v3.4: new Stylus Draw Mode. Option to show current coordinates in Target Mode.
New v3.0:
- GPS TRACKING - turn on Tracking and walk/drive around, pins automatically added
- Target Mode for accurate pin placement
- Multiple points selection
- Smart Processing of measured pathQuick Guide: area calculator and GPS distance measure: Planimeter is a map ruler tool for all kinds of measurements on Google Maps: distance, area, angle.
It uses Google Maps and GPS, Network location services. Distance between points on Google Maps and area contained within can be calculated.
Planimeter can be used in industries in measuring for road repairing, concrete, seal coating, roofing, paving, fence, underground utilities.
Useful for map measure, outdoor activities, sports, range finder applications, bike tour planning, or run tour planning, explore golf area, golf distance measure, run, walk, bike, jog tracking, field pasture area measure, garden and farm work and planning, area records, construction, fencing, agricultural fencing, solar panel installation - roof area estimation, trip planning, etc.
Find certain landmarks, such as golf course features or athletic fields, and measure it out.FEATURES:
- Accurate GPS distance, area measure and calculation
- Metric, Imperial units
- Distance between points
- Angle between lines
- Navigation through points by touch
- GPS coordinates for selected point
- GPS accuracy settings- Manage KML files: open, save, preview, share
- Export data to Google Earth and Maps (KML file)
- Share by email, Skype, Google Dive: picture, coordinates as text message, KML file
- Save screenshot on SD- Map/Satellite View
- Zoom and Edit points
- Current location search with GPS and Network
- Address, ZIP area code search- Select points in Edit Mode
- Delete selected, all points
- Simplify Lines and Convex Area: smart measured path processing functions
- Fit-in, center points on screen
- Add points by touch
- Target Mode: add points using target on screen
- Stylus Draw Mode

- GPS TRACKING feature
- Add current GPS / Network location as a point
- add points with Latitude and Longitude coordinates
- Last point is auto centered - make it easy to use on scaled up map
- Show/hide lines
- Preferences: GPS accuracy, search time, delete option and color theme
Add points by touch or in Target Mode, edit or delete selected, last, all points.
Search for current location using GPS, Network or ZIP area code using text form. Add your location to the list of points by making a long touch on "current location" button. This feature allows you to put key points on the map while walking, biking, jogging, running or travelling to keep track. You can map and measure area and perimeter by just walking around.
You can save your measurements as KML, screenshots. You can manage KML: open, preview, save, share, delete. You can save track data ( area, distance, perimeter ) and share by email as a text message and KML file, import it into Google Earth or Maps.
Map Cache can not be implemented due to restriction by Google, but you can add GPS pins OFFLINE, save as KML and open it when connection and Google Maps available.
Make a long touch on Edit button and all markers will be automatically centered on the screen.Use this Android app as Google Maps GPS calculator, a map ruler, area calculator, to measure field, land, pasture area, for landscaping, to check distance traveled, as a golf range finder, distance from your current position to any point on a course, between shots to estimate shot distance for each golf club. It is invaluable tool to measure acreage for farmers, estate agent, constructing companies both in the field and measure, landscape, area ruler, Android, GPS area measure, area calculator, roof area, solar panel, agriculture farming forestry map ruler, MapTrack, irregular shaped areas, survey tool, on-screen planimeter pro, yardage, waypoint

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