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Mar 16, 2013
2.2 and up
Avg. score: 4.2
Rating: 28

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Pink & Bl 4 Facebook Messenger


Pink & Bl 4 Facebook Messenger Description

Pink & Black for Facebook Messenger is a Pink and Black styled chat application which lets you chat with your friends on the Facebook community. This theme was created to give users a different feel and look to the standard chat application.* PLEASE rate & comment on the app!* Follow us on Twitter to know about the newest releases & more! Follow us @mjrandroidPink & Black Messenger Features:
• Send messages instantly to other friends who have Pink & Black Messenger.
• Chat with friends who are on the Facebook community.
• Push notifications for incoming messages.
• Adds location and photos to messages.
• Reach friends via text message if they don't have Pink & Black Messenger.
• Access messages on both Pink & Black Messenger and Facebook.
• Create group conversations.
• Add additional friends to a group conversations at any time.
• Control alerts and location settings for individual conversations.
.... And much more!* Check out more of our apps ....
Search the market for "MJRAndroid"*Please Read*
-------------* If you are having a issue with the app then please EMAIL me with any problems before giving a negative feedback without a chance of fixing the problem for you. If you have any questions please email me, the problems are usually not app related and can be fixed with a simple email, I will get back to you as soon as possible.* If you are having problems downloading from the market or your pictures are not showing up in the application then try connecting with a WiFi connection and trying again.* This is a one time purchase and you will not be charged anything monthly.* Pink & Black Messenger and MJRAndroid are in no way affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by Facebook. Facebook is a registered trademark of Facebook Inc.* This is a theme and is intended as such.

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I love ItWay better than anything I've tried so far and it's that's a winner. Haven't missed a single message since download. I also have pop-up Notifier plus so I get easier access to my messages, and faster...overall, great app!
Sxe Billie Jean
Nice appsNice apps for sending quick messages back and forth.. since I had it installed on yesterday I ain't missed a message y et..
Love it.<3Love This & Pink Cheetah For Facebook :D Thanks MJRANDROID

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