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Dec 16, 2011
2.1 and up
Avg. score: 3.2
Rating: 24106

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Pimple Popper


Pimple Popper Description

Pimple Popper

We're so into the latest song from Korea that we have to do our own version (sing this in your head!):
POP-POP-POP-POP...Popping Pimple Style! ;)
Ehhhhhhh Sexy Lady! Popping Pimple Style!

Why should you play Pimple Popper? Because it is the nastiest but most fun app for your phone!

***And don't forget to complete your collection with our PIMPLE POPPER SEASONS app and our HAIR PLUCKER app!****

Check out our other free apps on Android:
1. Coffee Cafe - NEW!
2. Me So Ramen - NEW!
3. Sticky Jump - jump it like it's hot!
4. Hair Plucker - it's so plucking awesome! :D

OMG We're #6 Free App in Arcade/Action! Thank you all for making us so popular on Android! :D

Keep life simple and pop a pimple! Can't sleep? Bored? Stressed? Well, a few minutes with our Pimple Popper app and you'll feel better! Once you pop, you can't stop! ;)

The #1 Pimple Game on the iOS is now available on Android! Experience what all the, fuss is all about. Once you pop, you can't stop! Sure it's nasty, but also strangely addicting! For Android OS 2.0 and up.

* Pssst, did you know that you can always replay the game? The pimples will reposition randomly each time you play a level. How cool is that? We thought so. ;) We're always working on more updates so watch for it!

Pimple Popper is a must have classic for your Android phone. When you play in front of your just never know whether or they'll scream or laugh! Love it or hate it, once you play our app, you'll never forget it! Plus, how many apps are created by a girl? This one is! ;)

We so appreciate you checking out our app and we hope you'll give it a try! Happy popping! :D

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Google Play Comments

Love it its not gross and i can finally go to each level never ...Love it its not gross and i can finally go to each level never gonna stop playing Sooo happy never ever gonna stop playing so awesome i hope they add more versions of pimple popper. i have a suggestion What if room candy games should put pimple popper space other than my comments i love this and my big sis doesn't like this well its kk i still love it i dont care what anybody thinks
Lisa A
LisaThis game is awesome for mothers that like to pop their sons pimples, people who just want to have fun popping stuff and for people that want to laugh! :-)
...Got bored with 'classic' after just 2 games, 'shooter' won't even open (just has blank screen), and 'glowing bubbles' whilst okay does get repetitive rather quickly. Unimpressed with having to exit and reopen game in order to navigate menus too. Needs a lot of work! Uninstalled it.

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