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Aug 01, 2011
2.1 and up
Avg. score: 4.2
Rating: 33

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Physical Exam Essentials


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The popular iPhone application now available on Android!Physical Exam Essentials is your source for a quick overview of the patient physical exam. This is the ‘must-have’ reference app for anyone studying, practicing or interested in medicine. Never forget important exam techniques again.iTunes Reviews - ★★★★★ An Essential medical app
“As a third year, this has become one of my essential apps that is on the homepage of my iPhone. Along with epocrates, eyechart, and imurmur, I use this multiple times a week. It’s comprehensive and simple to navigate! A must buy!”
- doc someday ★★★★★ Ultimate quick and dirty
“Great for medical students or anyone who might need to brush up on a comprehensive physical exam. Complete with pictures of normals and detailed instructions, you will never go into an OSCE or examine a patient without knowing what to do. Great app!”
- Rob Kaye Maybe you’re in medical school with exams coming up. After gallons of coffee and many sleepless nights spent pouring over notes and textbooks, you still wonder if you’re going to make it. Preparing for a career in medicine requires learning a daunting amount of information and technique. When facing an important test of your knowledge and abilities, like the physical examination of a patient, nerves can derail all of your memorization and confidence, in a hurry. You know the material; you just need a little last minute boost and memory jogger to quell the stage fright. That’s where Physical Exam Essentials comes to the rescue. This application lets you look up selected terms, view illustrations of physical exam maneuvers, read the Clinical Correlates to discover the significance of certain findings and find descriptions of special tests. Physical Exam Essentials even offers a guide for describing your findings. Physical Exam Essentials is not a comprehensive medical reference. Rather, it is a handy overview resource that is perfect for medical students, pre-meds, health professionals and anyone who practices or has an interest in medicine. Conveniently located on your mobile device, this application provides quick, easy-to-use reviews of procedures and techniques for 14 different categories: * The Health History

* The General Survey

* Skin and Nails

* HEENT and Neck

* Thorax and Lungs

* Breast and Axillae

* Cardiovascular Exam

* Peripheral Vascular System

* Abdominal Exam

* Male G*******a, Anus, Rectum, Prostate

* Female G*******a, Anus, Rectum

* Mental Status Exam

* Cranial Nerves

* Neurological Exam
 As you can see, Physical Exam Essentials has got you covered for examining your patients. That’s not all, though. Just look at some of the other features you get! * Attractive, easy to navigate interface
* Look up certain selected terms in Wikipedia, Google, or Google images

* Pictures in each section help to illustrate physical exam maneuvers

* Includes "Clinical Correlates" which highlight the significance of certain physical exam findings

* "Presentation Tips" included to help you describe your findings

* Includes descriptions of special tests that are not usually performed in a routine physical exam

* Content and images added and updated regularly
 Forget carrying those heavy textbooks everywhere you go. Sometimes, all you need is your iDevice and Physical Exam Essentials. Download this amazingly helpful application now. You and your patients will be glad that you did.

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Depends where you study.Neutral rating. I'm a medical student from AUS. Just realised we're taught the physical examination in a somewhat different order starting peripherally with the hands then top down for relevant signs. I'm sure it's a good app but wasn't so useful in my case. Just a heads up to other students studying here. :)
Waist of money and time.I downloaded it a long time ago and rated it as a 1. "only a couple weeks into medical school. badly organized and expensive. should have spent my time studying and my money... on something else." I have now come back and it seems like the application has somehow been "unlocked." There is much more information available. It must have been a bad install with the previous experience. I haven't done much with it yet so for that reason I am going to bring my rating up to a neutral 3 until I can have a chance to use it.
Great App,Highly recommended.After an hour or so of navigating arouns this app, I found it very user friendly. I told my neighbor(which is a nurse)to check it out and she loves it

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