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Jun 05, 2013
2.2 and up
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Photo Book Picture Albums Pro


Photo Book Picture Albums Pro Description

This is a cool application for creating your own personalized photo book from the folders on your phone or tablet containing pictures.
Instead of browsing through your pictures in the ordinary gallery view, you can use this application to browse through them in an interesting way in the form of a book, flipping through pages.
Photo/Picture albums look much more prettier when displayed in the form of a flip book. You will feel as if you are not watching just any other photo or picture album rather you are going through a book of you memories.The best part is that you don't have to work towards creating these fabulous book style albums, the application automatically does this for you by picking up all the folders in which you have kept you pictures.Now you can even share your favorite pictures while looking through them in the album with your friends and family via any social media, emails, messaging, whatsapp or any of your favorite sharing application.You can even apply effects to your images. Some of the effects include Grey Scale Conversion, Applying Tint, Gama Correction etc. You can keep applying these image effects one on top of the other to get multiple combinations.
These modified images can be saved and shared. Once you have saved these images, they will also be available in your photobook list for later viewing and sharing.Another cool feature of this app is that you can export a complete photo book into a PDF file for the first time !!!
Once exported to PDF you can use this to print or share with others.Keywords: Album, Photo viewer, Flipbook, magazine, picture, picture browser, photo album, coverflow, picture album, picture orgamizer, images to pdf, image effects, photo sharing

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