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Apr 23, 2013
2.3.3 and up
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This App answers Incoming Phone Calls Automatically, and turns on the speakerphone. No hands are needed to answer Calls. You can also automatically answer a Call by sending an SMSPhone Auto Answer. HandsFree ModeParticularly useful when you are
- driving your car
- driving your motorcycle (wearing a helmet and earphone)
- taking a bath
- cooking
- washing, painting, etc.You can answer a call Automatically with Phone or with an SMS Message. No Hands requiredThis app is also useful for disabled persons with mobility problemsIncoming Calls can be automatically answered after a configurable time (2 to 25 seconds), even if you are using another app, or if the screen is black or lockedVERY EASY to use. Only One Touch is required to Activate and Deactivate. Or plug in your Headphones. Or connect your Phone to a Charger or Car Power AdaptorThere is a separate (green Droid) Icon for Setting Purposes.A Notification is shown when the Phone Auto Answer Mode is activatedThe Silencing Feature can also be used to Block/Ignore CallsNote that when you open this App, the Phone Auto Answer is immediately Activated. (Nothing more happens. No User Interface is shown.) Then you are ready to answer and/or silence Calls, as configured on the Settings PageTip: Copy/move the launch Icon to the Home Page of your Device, where it is easily foundMain Features:- Automatically answer Incoming Calls (for Voice Communication)
- Automatically answer Unanswered Calls with (a prewritten) SMS Message (*)
- Silence Ringer and/or Vibrator on Incoming Calls (*)- All Main Features can be activated for All Calls or for Selected Numbers only, and all can be configured independently of each other (*)Options:- Select Ringer Time/Delay (before Voice Call is Automatically Answered) (*)
- Set Speakerphone On or Off during Automatically Answered Voice Calls (*)
- Set Speakerphone On only if a Headset (Wired or Bluetooth) is NOT Plugged In (*)
- Enter your own SMS Message Text (*)
- Silencing of All Calls or Selected Numbers (*)
- Silencing of All Calls, EXCEPT for Voice Calls configured for Auto Answering (*)
- Activate “Phone Auto Answer” by simply Touching the Launch Icon, by plugging in Headphones, or by Connecting a Charger (or Car Power Adapter). (*)
- Accepts an Unlimited Number of Preset Phone Numbers (for all three Main Features) (*)
- Accepts any Phone Numbers. They do not have to be in your List of Contacts (*)Also:- Does not cause any noticeable additional Battery Drain
(as there is no ongoing processing before an Incoming Call is detected)
- Only a Few Permissions are required
(this App does NOT read your Contacts!)
- No Ads(*) Only in this Pro VersionSome Use Cases:- When you are driving, you can use this App to automatically answer all Incoming Calls – or only some predetermined numbers – and talk with “No Hands”
- Selected Incoming Calls can be Silenced/Blocked
- When you are in a meeting, Cinema or Theatre, you can Silence all Incoming Calls, and optionally answer all of them – or only some selected numbers – with a Prewritten SMS Message (which will probably be appreciated by your Spouse, Children or Parents, who otherwise might start to worry if you are not answering the Phone)
- If you do not want to be bothered by some particular Calls, you can Silence the Ringer for these numbers, and optionally automatically answer them by sending a prewritten SMS
- Text Answering MachineIssues:- This App may not work on all Phones, e.g. HTC. Check the Free Version, the "Phone Auto Answer (HandsFree)" to see if it works on your phone (<- Click on it to go there)If it doesn’t, please let us knowIf you like this app, PLEASE give it a Rating.
If you have a problem, PLEASE first send an email to Maybe we can help you. If you only give it a bad rating, we are unable to help you, as we do not know your email address

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