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Oct 17, 2012
Varies with device
Varies with device
Varies with device
Avg. score: 4.3
Rating: 2061

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Password Safe Pro


Password Safe Pro Description

Password safe with backup/restore to Dropbox

This is a trial version that allows a maximum of 10 cards and displays ads.

Unlock trial by purchasing an unlock key within the app or as part of a license bundle at The unlock key will remove the ads and allow unlimited cards. Previous purchasers: Make sure you also install the updated license file.

ALWAYS backup your data before updating. Phones malfunction sometimes.

We cannot help users who post in comments as comments are anonymous and we do not know how to get in touch with you.

Some users think I am hostile in my support responses. I apologise for this. I am autistic and simply very factual in my responses. No offense is intended.

If you are reading this on a site that is not the official Google Play Store, please stop now and go to as the information here is probably out of date. This app is ONLY distributed in Play Store. Any other sites that have this app could have attached malware to it.


Keep all your web logins, credit card pin numbers, even insurance document numbers on your phone and take them everywhere you go.

Your data is securely encrypted and can only be accessed by entering the password you choose.

Don't like a password app having internet access? Use Password Safe Lite also available in Play Store.

FULL LIST of permissions and WHY they are required is on the web site.

If you need assistance, please use the support channel on our web site.

* Store your passwords etc securely using 128 or 256 Bit AES encryption

* Free field entry. Name your fields however you like with no requirement to have fields you don't need

* Save common entries as templates for reuse

* Full encrypted database backup to Dropbox or SD card. (Also wifi using desktop app)

* Your data is ONLY ever decrypted in your devices memory. All working databases and backup files are ALWAYS encrypted.

* Desktop app also available for purchase. Download trial from our web site

* Over 100 built in icons as well as custom icons

* Multiple Colour Themes

* Direct link from URL, Phone and Email fields (Just press the icon)

* Remote data wipe via SMS (hence SMS read permission)

* Shake to Show

Add our page to your G+ circles to keep informed of news and new developments about Password Safe.

KeyWords: Password Safe, Password Vault, Secure Password, Password Keeper, Dropbox, Password Store, credit card, Protector, Wallet, Encryption,

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AwesomeLove this and use it all the time. It works perfectly all the time.....@)Dev. I like the custom icons but higher resolution would be nice especially when show large icons is selected.....just an idea
The best password app - period.Awesome app that does EXACTLY as advertised. Highly recommend as a paid user as long as you can deal with the hostile attitude of the developer.
@lauraCare to elaborate on where you heard such nonsense or are you the "competitor" who keeps posting? (This is the only review "laura" has ever written for any app yet she is using a version over a year old. suspicious!!!) The app would not still be in Play Store after 2 years if it was malicious in any way. No data leaves your device unless YOU send it somewhere. Make regular backups and keep them safe and you will never have a problem with data you accidentally delete.

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