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May 14, 2013
1.6 and up
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Password Box Pro


Password Box Pro Description

Password management app to secure passwords. The Windows version comes free with this app. Use the app on multiple phones and share the passwords between family members.**NEW: Now search your passwords by drawing gestures.*If your phone\tablet does not have an external sd card and you are planning to use windows app then download Password Box Plus.
My other related apps.
1. Password Box Lite(Free), Try out the free version and if you like the app then you can decide to download paid Standard or Pro version.2. Password Box, Standard version with all features except it does not come with a Windows version.3. Password Box +, Ultimate version which comes with Windows version and allows sync to PC via WiFi.The app DOES NOT require internet permission.Features:
-Ultra secure and accessed via master key
-Windows version for free
-Sync to Windows via USB
-Search your passwords by drawing gestures
-Passwords are saved on phone with ultimate security
-Launch website stored in password entry
-Simple and easy to use
-Auto lock Screens
-Change font size in the list
-Import/Export(AES 128 bits encryption)
-Export password list via clipboard(copy * paste)
-Automatic daily back up on sd card using 128 bit encryption and ability to restore the back up, only last back up is stored on the sd card.
-Manual Back up
-No worries when you replace or hard reset phone and easily restore passwords on new phone,
-Password Search
-Change Master Key
-Master Key Recovery

**Windows version.
Windows version stores passwords in encryptted format on your PC. Launch app's web site to read user guide and install instructions. Password Box windows version install URL: Box Windows Install Instructions and User Guide: contact me if you run into any issue and I will be happy to help you out. Feel free to suggest any change in the app.Keywords:Password, Password Box, Keeper, Vault, Password Manager, secret, Password Box Pro

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Very goodEasy to use. Very easy to backup to desktop. Thanks
Samsung Galaxy S IIThis is exactly what I was looking for and works like a charm! Now for the icing on the cake, my phone crashed and it had to be hard reset like original. I emailed the developer and he responded quickly. He instructed me on how to restore all my passwords. Worked as he instructed! All the passwords safely restored back. Yay!! I wish all the developers would take a lesson from Studio.
Dan II
GS2Works as says.

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