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Parental Control for Mobile

Keep children safe from mobile phone bullying, sexting and know their location.

Parental controls for Android mobile phones - Now with Web Browsing Monitoring.
Keep your children safe from mobile phone bullying, sexting and grooming by monitoring everything that happens on their mobile phones. Imagine seeing all called numbers, all answered numbers, the content of texts in and out all easily accessible from a secure web page. 38% of our children were bullied last year, and only 10% told their parents.
Know where they are 24 hours a day with a trail of their movements recorded every 15 minutes. The location is often reported to the actual address.
Spot inappropriate mobile phone behaviour immediately and educate your children on safe mobile use using our free resources.
This application is for the child's mobile phone. Monitoring is from a secure web page and requires an annual subscription. See

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