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Jun 27, 2012
2.1 and up
Avg. score: 4.8
Rating: 403

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Papyrus Ex


Papyrus Ex Description

Simple notepad for short notes

Simple notepad with a list of short text notes.
General features:
- The notes are stored as a text files (txt, UTF-8).
- No need to import/export the notes before ROM upgrade or transfer the notes files to the computer or from the computer.
- If the notes are stored on a removable storage card, in the case of the device failure your notes will still be available by inserting the storage card into a card reader of your computer.

This is a remake of the 'Papyrus' application by Chris Lathan with some additional features:
- The first line of a note may contain any symbols, included ones, which are restricted by filesystem (?, /, *, etc.).
- Name of a note is automatically changes to reflect the first note line after modification.
- Ellipsis added to the end of a note name, if the note contains more than one line.
- Mode for autodetection of web-links, e-mails and phone numbers in the notes. The note modifications disabled while the mode active.
- Note editor will not close if the modifications cannot be saved into a file. In this case, you can copy your modifications and save them by hand.
- Option to cancel modifications to a note.
- Notes list may be sorted by name, not by date only.
- Ability to use subdirectories.
- Ability to encrypt notes (AES-256). The first non-empty line of a note is not encrypted.
- Search for note names and plain text notes content including subdirectories. Ability to save search strings to quick search for them again. Regular expressions allowed.
- Automatic detection of location of removable storage card if a corresponding option selected in the preferences.

This application is not a reader nor text processor. It is not intended to open big text files as well as it will not play music or show photos. Please, do not rate this application if you need features, which the application is not intended for.

Do not try to get support via Market Reviews, use e-mail instead.

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Amazing note takingIt doesn't have the most glamorous features but it certainly does the trick. I'm surprised this has not been given more credit! A must have app for students :) And the best bit? No ads!
PERFECT FOR PRE EDITING TEXTS & EMAILI had Papyrus on my DROID now I have this new version on my DROID4. I use it to type a text or note to make sure it says what I mean. The old version required copy/paste between apps. The new version has a send feature built in - just choose "text" or "email" etc, and off you go! No note sent before its time, and all your punctuation and spelling the way you want it. Love this app.
PERFECT YET SIMPLE!It's such a perfect notes yet simple. I love it so much coz the black background that doesn't hurt the eye when I write too long. Andalso I can make folders for my note and save in txt. Love it.. Love it.. love it.. Please add more colors for font and also arrange font size manually, and bigger font. Thanks alot..

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