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Sep 14, 2012
1.5 and up
Avg. score: 4.3
Rating: 32239

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Papaya Farm


Papaya Farm Description

Join now and earn free 500 papayas to buy clothes for your avatar and farm dogs!

Papaya Farm is the smash hit social farming game for Android!

Papaya Farm is the awesome farming game where you can live your own agricultural fantasy. Join millions of Papayans already living the rural dream as you and your friends help (or harm!) one another to create the finest farms in the land.

**Grow crops and fruit**
Papaya farm features over 100 different kinds of crops and fruits for you to raise on your farm. Work hard and you may reap some super rare items!

**Tend your own ranch**
Grow your own animals and help your friends look after theirs too. Papaya Farm features dozens of different animals including a super-secret mythical beast!

**Online Multiplayer**
Are you a good neighbor or bad neighbor? Help you friends create healthy harvests or be crafty and steal their crops!

**Leader Boards**
Compare your score to everyone on your friend list and also compete for the best world ranking!

**Papaya Social Network**
By downloading any of Papaya’s games, you join a fun community of millions of worldwide Papayans. Not only can you play games with your friends, but you can also create your own avatar, send messages, join groups, share pictures, earn achievements, challenge your friends, and find loads of other awesome free games!

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Google Play Comments

omfg!!!ok i love the game seriously but hello the graphic in the pictures you have here are so and way much better than the game once u download it!!!!! AM I MISSING SOMETHING HERE?????//
Papaya farmI love the game but don't like all the privacy information they want. I've been playing about 4 years. If u need any tool please pmail me & if I have it then its urs.
The photo shown of the farm is incorrect, in the game there is a ...The photo shown of the farm is incorrect, in the game there is a "Get more papayas!" button in front of the top right farm the way.

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