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Mar 06, 2013
1.5 and up
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Pandora's Box GHOST SPIRIT BOX Description

No "random noise ripoff" here! Check out for an excerpt from my latest Pandora's Box session. Professional quality spirit box application...Any and all voices captured with this software are GUARANTEED to not come from the app itself. It DOES NOT have the ability to trick you with random noises and CANNOT pick up signals from radio interference, the internet or any other means of vocal production.Pandora's box is pure sonic energy, expertly timed, tuned and programmed. There is no speech synthesis or samples of anything other than radio interference free static noise, but you will get responses. The perfect ghost box application for the serious paranormal researcher who expects more than random noises. Pandora's box is THE ONLY application software capable of producing the sonic energy required to hear and record Class C, Class B and Class A EVP messages AND CONVERSATIONS consistently through traditional recording and/or direct digital recording. No phonetics, no voice samples and no BS. The voices you will hear ARE NOT prerecorded and these voices are REAL and RELEVANT. Pandora's Box has captured spirits telling me where they are, "I'M ON YOUR BED" who I am, "IS IT JAMES? IT IS JAMES!" and has even acknowledged members of my family while they're in the room "HEY THERE, L****." #14 in Top New Paid Tools Apps! (3/5/2013)
#51 in Top Grossing Tools Apps! (3/5/2013)
#188 in ALL TOP NEW PAID APPS! (3/5/2013)
THANK YOU!!!Spirit detection and communication in just a few quick taps on your touch screen, with ZERO vocal samples, NO radar scanner and ZERO paid customer reviews. The best and most advanced spirit voice capture software on the market.Pandora's Box is not triggered by EMF readings, radar scanners, touches or taps on your screen. Experiment with your WiFi internet, Bluetooth and GPS settings to find what works best with your phone and surroundings.A warning to those who choose to open Pandora's (ghost) has the ability to allow spirits to communicate. As such, it is intended for mature paranormal investigators only. No grade school ghost hunters. Some of those words may be bad words. Some of them may frighten or disturb you. Not for use by anyone under the age of 18. Keep away from children. I DO NOT recommend using this application by yourself if you are easily frightened. Something about it attracts energies, and it's as if they're surrounding you almost instantly. Using ear buds or headphones, it has a similar effect to the Koren Helmet/God Helmet/Shakti. With an external speaker, it is amazing for call and response ghost box sessions. I do recommend putting your device in Silent mode when working with this app.Some of the best EVPs that I have captured with this app have came from external recording AND direct digital simultaneously. Different methods can capture different voices during a single recording. I've had several customers ask me for my favorite setup...Android headphone jack,1/8" (3.5mm) cable,laptop mic input,Audacity As with any spirit box/ghost box/ frank's box...due to the experimental and random nature of ITC research, I cannot offer any guarantees to the frequency or accuracy of any voices this app may produce, but if there are any spirits nearby, they'll find some way to let you know :)All promotional recordings for this software were recorded using my EVP Recorder app, Audacity, Vox Recorder for Windows or Pro Tracks. The only signal processing I do is the OCCASIONAL noise reduction or compression. No signal processing is required to hear EVP voices, however.If you have any questions, comments, criticisms or concerns, email me at My Android phone is always with me, and I'll get in touch with you as soon as possible. Developers cannot respond to reviews or in app reports. Our courteous and efficient staff is on call 24 hours a day to serve all your supernatural needs.

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