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Aug 01, 2012
2.0 and up
Avg. score: 4.1
Rating: 835

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Ovulation & Period Calendar


Ovulation & Period Calendar Description

Great for finding your fertile days.

Ladytimer Ovulation and Period Calendar tracks and predicts menstrual cycle days, helping women to become pregnant or avoid pregnancy.
English, Deutsch, español, français, italiano, português, 日本語, 中文, 한국어, русский

* Super easy to use
* Lots of calendar options: symptoms, moods, weight, etc
* Portable to any smartphone
* Text and voice notes
* Period history
* Community
* Share data with your doctor or partner
* LadyCloud automatic backup and sync
* Baby gender forecast
* Period, Ovulation and other reminders
* Excellent user support

Our quick setup screen prompts you to enter your last period day. After that the app will calculate the cycle for you.

For improved accuracy, enter your resting body temperature which Ladytimer will use to detect ovulation. The app also shows you when you are more likely to conceive a boy or a girl.

Enter and track symptoms, moods, notes, weight, intimacy, ovulation tests, etc for any day. Chat with other Ladytimer users on our discussion board.

Your fertility calendar data can be saved online and imported to any smartphone when needed. Never lose your data when switching phones. LadyCloud synchronization does it all automatically for you.

It's very easy to generate a page of your data for your doctor or partner. You chose what data you wish to share.

— Ladytimer • the most advanced menstruation calendar —

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Google Play Comments

Awesome app!!!It has so many diffrrent features,easy to use and very accurate.I used it to get pregnant and I just found out two days ago that i am pregnant!!! I highly recommed this app!
AWESOME!!!This app is amazing! It tracks EVERYTHING! Period, sex, mood, temperature, ovulation, fertility AND best time to try for boy or girl! WOW! I LOVE this app! It takes a bit of playing around to figure out how it works and how to use it and enter info, but once you do, it's a MUST HAVE!
Very helpfulHate going to the doctor and thinking, "when was my last cycle?" Helps keep track & plan for non-cycle days.

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