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Dec 15, 2012
2.1 and up
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Outdoor Chart


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Outdoor Navigation software is your best friend through your adventures in the wild. Go into the outdoors with confidence and enjoy your activities without worrying about the tools to help you navigate. Your Outdoor Navigation app is made by the people who have been developing this software since 2003 across multiple platforms. Be sure that you will stay ahead of the rest with continuous updates and relevant tools. It is an excellent tool for biking, jogging, skiing, hiking, geocaching, boating, flying and many other sporting activities.
Your Outdoor Chart will give you the ability to analyze your tracks with great detail using any of the available 3 chart types. Compare your speed, acceleration or altitude on multiple trips simultaneously and be able to view 5 tracks at the same time on the same chart. You may also to choose a layout, where your tracks are displayed on a chart and a map at the same.- Select 5 charts (instead of only one)
- Switch between charts
- View on map selected chart(s)New features to come: ability to view charts that include your live track that is being recorded.
Installation instructions:
Outdoor Chart is an add-on for the free Outdoor Navigation application also available on Android Market.
You need to have your Outdoor Navigation installed to be able to use Outdoor Chart.Download and install Outdoor Chart on your Android device
Start the Outdoor Chart plugin to complete the license checking: when activation will be completed then the icon will be removed (you need to restart your device to hide the icon) and the plugin will be used inside Outdoor Navigation application
Or you can get this add-on together with all the plugins for Outdoor Navigation for a very competitive price, by purchasing the 'Outdoor Navigation PRO' package already available in the Market!Additional info at http://www.gpstuner.comPlease send us your feedback or request:

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