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Sep 24, 2013
4.0 and up
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OneNote Description

Microsoft OneNote for Android phones is your digital notebook for capturing what's important in your personal and professional life. Jot down your ideas, add pictures, update your shopping list, and check your to-do's from this Microsoft Office app.

Whether you're at home, in the office or on the go, your notes travel with you. They are automatically saved and synced in the cloud, so you always have the latest on all your devices.

Share notes with friends and colleagues. Plan vacations, share meeting minutes or lecture notes with people around you.

*IMPORTANT: Upgrading users should sync their existing application data before upgrading*

* Updated navigation makes it easier to view and find your notes
* Improved note formatting and consistency across your devices
* Ink annotations and rich text formatting now viewable
* Most recently used notebook lists sync across devices
* Automatically sync your notes to SkyDrive Pro
* Home screen widgets to help you quickly capture photo, audio and other quick notes

* Requires Android OS 4.0 or later. Compatible with Android phones only
* A free Microsoft account is required to use OneNote for Android phones
* To sync your notes to SkyDrive Pro, sign in with your organization's Office 365 or SharePoint account.
* OneNote for Android phones opens existing notebooks created in Microsoft OneNote 2010 format or later
Now available for free for a limited time

Note, Notes, Note taking, List, Lists, Organizer, Todo, SharePoint, Notebook, Task, Office, SkyDrive, Office 365

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Daniel Huang
Pretty goodLooks clean, syncs well, and performs smoothly. OneNote is definitely the best note taking application for me... on my laptop. The android version lacks way too many basic functions that should be there. I can't arrange my notes and all my new notes are saved to the "personal (web)" folder. Also, I already paid for OneNote, and you want me to pay for it again in this app? That's just shady and annoying.
Finally!Been waiting so long for this to be released that I missed out on it being released! Really excited to have the abiliity to sync one notebook across all of my computers. This app is awesome! I haven't taken advantage of all of the features, but the one that I notice missing is copy/paste. There is always the chance that I can't figure out how to do it, but otherwise this is an awesome addition to my phone!
Not backwards compatibleLove the functionality on my tablet(Transformer prime), but t will not work with any product previous to 2010. You can view but not sync with older versions. Not ready to pay to upgrade office from 2007.

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