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Mar 14, 2013
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OneNote 2010 Tutorial


OneNote 2010 Tutorial Description

Microsoft OneNote 2010 Tutorial====================Table of Contents:ExercisesExercise 1 Create a Notebook and Add Sections
Exercise 2 Add Pages
Exercise 3 Type a Note and Format Text
Exercise 4 Insert and Modify a Table
Exercise 5 Apply a Template and Make a Subpage
Exercise 6 Add Content to a Template
Exercise 7 Tag a Note
Exercise 8 Insert a File and a Link
Exercise 9 Check Spelling
Exercise 10 Delete a Page and Insert Pictures
Exercise 11 Insert Video
Exercise 12 Send to OneNote and Change the Page Background
Exercise 13 Use Pen Mode and Convert Handwriting to Type
Exercise 14 Insert an Outlook Meeting
Exercise 15 Format a List and Insert a Screen Clipping
Exercise 16 Insert Audio
Exercise 17 Search a Notebook
Exercise 18 Save to Different Formats
Exercise 19 Print from OneNote
Exercise 20 Share a NotebookPractice It ActivitiesActivity 1 Create a Notebook, Sections, and Pages
Activity 2 Apply a Template and Make a Subpage
Activity 3 Insert a File
Activity 4 Add Content to a Template
Activity 5 Insert a Table
Activity 6 Modify a Table
Activity 7 Add a Screen Clipping
Activity 8 Send to OneNote====================Application feature :- Offline (No need to connect to the INTERNET).
- Bookmark pages.
- Zoom on pages.
- Support text searching helps quick locating.
- Every page has its small thumbnail.
- Slight click the Previous and Next buttons to turn pages.
- Full Screen: slight click the center of screen to switch full screen reading mode.
- Press any corner of Tutorial page and slide for turning page.
- Book mode reading (Landscape mode) , Just rotate the device.
- Perfect quality for big screen Phone and Tablet.

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