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Dec 01, 2011
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OBD2 What Fails Most (GM)


OBD2 What Fails Most (GM) Description

OBD2 What Fails the Most (GM)(Note: This APP runs fine of Android phones and tablets with large screens.)An APP dedicated to pointing you in the right direction. With this APP you get General Motors "Firing Orders" and coil-pack, cylinder positions. A fast and simple data geared for quick reference. You also get the most common problem with GM engines. And finally, "What Fails the Most", which is cataloged by engine size. This APP covers GM engines 1.6 Liter GM, 1.8 Liter GM, 2.0 Liter GM,2.2 Liter GM, 2.4 Liter GM, 3.1 Liter GM, 3.2 Liter GM, 3.4 Liter GM, 3.5 Liter GM, 3.6 Liter GM, 3800L GM, 4.3 Liter GM, 4.6 Liter GM, 5.3 Liter GM, 5.7 Liter GM, 6.0 Liter GM.
The section "What Fails the Most" database has been carefully arranged from thousands of technician reported issues. This information is found nowhere else. For each entry, there are at least 50 instances of the fault. This is truly a tech oriented massive amount of updated information. Data that you can trust. This is a complete NO-START diagnostic system based on real vehicle repair conditions. These no-start faults can not be diagnosed with scanners or fancy equipment. 90% of the time, all you’ll need is a test light, multimeter and at the most, a graphing meter. In today’s diagnostic world, knowledge is power. This APP is an offshot of the No-Start troubleshooter family of products (books and software) by the same author, Mandy Concepcion.

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