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May 19, 2013
1.6 and up
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OBD2 Dashboard-1 (OBD2 & Cars)


OBD2 Dashboard-1 (OBD2 & Cars) Description

Virtual OBD2 Instrument Cluster (Full Version)This is it when it comes to OBD-2 Virtual Automotive Dashboard/Instrument Cluster. It works on all OBD-2 ELM327 BLUETOOTH devices and on all Protocols. This version has full Bluetooth functionality to talk to the car's computer. This APP links with your automobile's OBD-2 data-link connector and turns your tablet into a virtual dashboard with over 10 different DASH-STYLES. Just click the green button and choose a different dash style. High accuracy gauges.NOTE: This APP talks to the car's computer using an ELM327 Bluetooth sold separately. How-to-Use this APP: 1) Connect the OBD-2 Dongle gadget to your car
2) Start the OBD-2 Dashboard 1 APP
3) Type the BT pair code (1234) and start driving.
4) Click the SCREEN to start getting data and click the SCREEN again to stop. It behaves like any other instrument cluster. There are 10 different gauge-styles and 6 different gauges for a total of 60 different gauges on this APP.1) RPM Gauge
2) Temperature Gauge
3) Fuel Level Gauge
4) Speedometer Gauge
5) Combustion Efficiency Gauge
6) Volts or Battery Charge GaugeNOTE: Like any other automotive device, keeping your eyes on the road is your responsibility. Although this gauge can be used as any other instrument cluster, the use of this APP is at your own risk. So, be careful and keep your eyes on the road.You'll need the following extra components: Compatible with all tablets and OBD-2 ELM327 Bluetooth dongles. NOTE: We recommend POWER2-Elanpower available at Amazon.

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