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Sep 12, 2011
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This application allows novice nurses and nursing students to search for over 340 common diseases and disorders, separated by body system. Once the disease/ disorder is selected, the user will be able to have useful information right at their fingertips, including a nursing process approach to managing client care. There are simple explanations of what each of the diseases/ disorders are and common assessment findings associated with them. In addition, useful information is included that incorporates priority assessments needed for clients with the selected disease/ disorder. Potential applicable Nursing Diagnoses with related factors and client goals are also incorporated. Appropriate interventions are outlined to help guide client care and encourage a comprehensive approach to managing client care. These can be especially useful when studying for NCLEX examinations, developing client-centered care plans, and in acute care medical-surgical settings. Finally, the nursing process would not be complete without an evaluation. Complications are outlined for each disease/ disorder to help student nurses and novice nurses start to build upon foundations presented through core nursing education classes. In summary, this application is a reference for nurses and nursing students that utilizes the Nursing Process (ADPIE) for common medical surgical diseases/ disorders in the following ways: • Gives a brief, simple description of over 340 common medical-surgical diseases and disorders.
• Outlines common assessment findings and potential priority assessments to include in client care.
• Incorporates potential Nursing Diagnoses with related factors for each disease/ disorder.
• Assists with delineating a plan by stating client-centered goals.
• Lists appropriate nursing interventions to implement in a client plan of care for each disease/ disorder.
• States potential complications for the nurse to consistently evaluate and assess for, associated with each disease/ disorder.
• A great resource for clinical application and NCLEX review. Disclaimer: This reference is not intended to substitute for nursing education, texts, and other resources utilized by institutions and facilities to educate students and/ or facilitate safe client care. Due to the sensitive nature of medical and nursing references, this information may consistently need to be changed, supplemented, and updated to reflect current evidence based practice and medical/ nursing research.

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Most important resource for nursing studentsI. LOVE. THIS. APP. Anybody that has ever done a careplan knows how time consuming finding the wording for that stuff...this is your savior. I wasted too much money on a careplan book that cannot compare to this it and consider yourself lucky!!
Amazing Nursing App!As a soon to be BSN I will be consulting this app during my last Semester as well as NCLEX review. I rec this to all students!
Worth every penny!!Wish I would have had this app 3 semesters ago!! So simple to use & focuses on the "need to know" information! Love it!

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