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Oct 05, 2012
1.5 - 4.1
Avg. score: 4.7
Rating: 827

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Nepali Patro


Nepali Patro Description

Wherever you are stay connected to Nepali Dates and Events.

Nepali Patro - Calendar for Nepali People

Key Features:
- Nepalipatro viewable in both Nepali Unicode and English language
- Widgets:
1x1 - Displays Bikram Sambat month, date and Nepal time NST
1x4 - Displays Bikram Sambat date, day, Nepal time NST, tithi and event for the day
2x4 - Same as 1x4 with upcoming major events countdown
- Date conversion between Bikram Sambat (BS) and Iswi Sambat (AD)
- Lastest foreign exchange, source: Nepal Investment Bank
- Daily statusbar notification at 6:00 AM NST

NOTE: If you use task killer app, put this app to the ignore list otherwise widget might not function properly like clock on widget might stop ticking.

If you find errors in Nepali Patro, we will be more than happy to get mails about the issue and FIX IT ASAP.


Nepali Patro intends to improve this application for a social cause. Nepali dates, events and festivals be remembered and promoted using this tool - so we envision this application not only as a static calendar but an interactive tool where user themselves can contribute to the Nepalese society by providing information on Nepalese events/festivals or by organizing events and promoting them.

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Google Play Comments

Nice applicationThis is a very nice application. It provides many features but they are presented not so nicely. May be the developer should do a testing on user experience and UI design. Till then, 4 Stars
Madan K. Suwal
madanksuwalGreat App. Nepali mitraharulai yo app ko lagi muri muri thanks hai Nepali font has problem. Dirgha hunu parne rasho hunchh and Public holiday lai 'holiday colour' dinu paryo, Saturday matra lai colour chha and major festival lai extra highlight gareko bhay jhanai ramro hunthyo and app mai daywise note ani reminder bhaya kya dami hunthyo yaar anyway great job, thanks again
nepali2*4 widget ko upcoming event countdown sanga date pani rakhe dherai ramro hune thiyo...

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