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Not a Siddur (Nusach Ari)

The tefilot (prayers) you need during your busy day, in fully pointed Hebrew.

While it is not a full weekday siddur (prayerbook), Not a Siddur has the full Hebrew text of exactly the tefilot (prayers) that you need during your busy day. While you are on-the-go, these prayers add sacred moments to a day filled with work and responsibilities.

Not a Siddur includes:

-Mincha (Afternoon Prayer)
-Maariv (Evening Prayer)
-Tefilat haDerech (Wayfarer's Prayer)
-Birchat haMazon (Grace after Meals)
-Berachot Before Food and Drink (Blessings Before Eating)
-Berachot Acharonot [me'en shalosh, borei nefashot] (Blessings after Other Foods)
-Sefirat haOmer (Counting the Omer)

On phones, you can reduce distractions by setting the ringer mode from within the app.

With the minyan/no-minyan mode for Mincha, Maariv, and Birchat haMazon, you can choose the appropriate text for praying with or without a minyan (prayer quorum). With the Date function, you can view today's Hebrew date, along with information about the day's Jewish observances, so you can include prayers for specific occasions.

The main screen is framed by a colorful border that changes throughout the day, reflecting daylight and nighttime hours. Even if you are indoors, you will have a connection to the cycles of the natural world.

The Hebrew text is rendered using Hebrew in Hand technology. The Hebrew in Hand Traditional font offers exceptional readability at any screen resolution. You can choose from eight font sizes using the menu. The text reflows to accommodate any screen size, in either portrait or landscape orientation. To help you keep your place when the screen orientation is switched or the font size is changed, the text reformats with the same part of the text showing on the screen.

All Hebrew texts have accurately placed nekudot (vowels). Additionally, the text includes “expandable sections” for various portions of prayers, which can be opened and read if desired, or quickly skipped without excessive scrolling. For example, there is an expandable section for Al haNissim (On the Miracles) in the Amidah, which is said only on Chanukah and Purim.

תפילות לחול - נוסח אר"י - מנחה, מעריב, תפילת הדרך, ברכת המזון, ברכות על אכל ושתיה, ברכות אחרונות [מעין שלוש, בורא נפשות], ספירת העמר
כל תפילות עם נקודות
שבעה גודל גופן
תאריך עברי היום
מנחה, מעריב, ברכת המזון - בחר את גרסת הטקסט, עם מניין/בלי מניין

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