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Nov 28, 2012
1.5 and up
Avg. score: 3.2
Rating: 50

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NDrive USA


NDrive USA Description

NDrive 11 ~ Need convincing? Click ‘More’ →


~ Straightforward Navigation ~
With the latest maps from TomTom (December 2011), NDrive 11's professionally enhanced routing algorithms and award winning software, navigation from A to B has never been more effortless.

~ Loads of features ~
NDrive 11 brings innovative and cutting-edge features for people serious about navigation – real time traffic, Facebook sharing and Foursquare check-in, streaming weather, and more.

~ Everything you need ~
Our market leading Android navigation showcases fluid GPS connectivity. With guidance amplified by Google™ search, NDrive leaves you well on your way - and always on time.

~ Act now ~
Join our 500,000+ satisfied Android users who have already transformed their smartphones into a powerful turn-by-turn navigation device with NDrive 11.


Our ‘NDrive USA’ Application Includes the Following Countries:
» USA, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands


~ Follow our 3 step process ~
1st » Start the installation by getting NDrive from Android Market (6MB)

2nd » Run once to complete the installation – it’s all automated (60MB)

3rd » Download your maps to SD card (50MB-2GB)

NDrive 11 is compatible with all Android versions and screen sizes. Since all maps are stored on your device (on-board), the application can navigate accurately without internet Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G connections. To ensure the integrity of this NDrive application, we store it on your phone’s internal memory; move to SD is not available.

~ For more information ~
» Visit us @ NDrive
» Join us @ Facebook
» Find us @ Twitter

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Google Play Comments

Oh #&*%^@, TomTom Mapssure wish i knew it used tomTom maps before i bought it and took (longer than the 15 minute refund window) to download. Tom Tom maps are normally bad, but maybe they'll get better with the influx of Apple $$. Wish there was a way to move the maps to my EXTERNAL SD card, as i have one internal and one external. WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY FOR TRAFFIC SERVICES, when it's free from everyone else, that's BS. No TTS??? (Portuguese only!! WTF) . . . I want my money back.
ExcellentI have used this programme in the UK, Europe andThe States and found it to be excellent. Used on both an HTC Hero and Samsung Galaxy S2
Works just fine on LG P500I had NDrive 10 activated on my phone using the free Australian map, however because I am going to visit the USA later this year, I just downloaded NDrive 11 USA for A$34 and in spite what one of the reviewers said, the USA maps came with it. Mind you it took nearly 4 hours to download using my wireless connection at home and I had to buy a 8GB micro SD just to make sure I had enough room. I was pleasantly surprised to note that I was still able to use the Australian map with the new version of NDrive. I just have to select which map I want to use by going to Menu/My NDrive/About/My Maps. I have yet to actually use the GPS but so far, so good. This is a much cheaper option than renting an in-car GPS or buying a new one.

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