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Sep 14, 2012
2.0 and up
Avg. score: 4.3
Rating: 31308

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네이버 지도/교통 – Naver Map


네이버 지도/교통 – Naver Map Description

Smarter than even! Experience Naver Map on Android Phone.
You can see how the street really look with the fully-rotatable Street View and Aerial View.
You can also use Map Search, Quick Pathfinder with Street View/Aerial View. In addition, you can search information on the area around you.
Wonder how the traffic on the road? Watch the CCTV images of major road as well as checking traffic information in real-time.
Have you ever thought of you can use map service on Web even offline.
By saving a path to the desired location (up to 3km radius), you can check the stored information when you’re offline.
Naver Map provides detailed information such as the first and last bus operating time and bus stops as well as how to travel inside and between major metropolitan areas such as Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Gangwon-do, and Jeju-do.
The followings are new features that make Naver Map easier and smarter to use:
1. Mobile-ready Street View and Aerial View Service
- The Map Search, Quick Pathfinder, and information interworking with public transportation
- Local search around you with Street View
- Quick switching to Aerial View mode
- Email what you have found with Street View
2. Digital imaging service such as CCTV
- CCTV images of major inter-province highways and Seoul expressways
3. Finding directions by bicycle and on foot.
4. Voice search
5. Offline map where detailed information and pathfinder results are stored
6. Public transportation information & street search
7. The dedicated bicycle path and pedestrian roads nationwide
8. Local search around you such as public transportation, hospitals, banks, restaurants, shopping malls, gas stations, etc.
Thank you for using Naver services, and we will constantly improve to server you better and provide up-to-date services.
For details, see

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네이버 지도/교통 – Naver Map Screenshots

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Answer meIs that troght that I can go to franch from ruissa plz tell me I hav viber and whatapp Add me Jady_why@yahoo.coom +201275508286 Its seric please
Force Gps checkerWould had given it 5. but some people don't always keep the Gps on and they just turn it on when required. so if the naver map would check if its on or not for a accurate reading. And also if the Gps system could be more accurate like Google maps where it checks using the Gps. Some times I gotta go first to Google maps get the Gps locations then go check naver map to see it properly progressing

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