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Sep 28, 2012
1.6 and up
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mydlink Lite


mydlink Lite Description

Keep an eye on the house and manage your home's Internet access on cloud!

With the mydlink Lite app, you can quickly and easily view your live camera from anywhere through a Wi-Fi or 3G connection. No more guessing what's going on at your house while you're away. Whether you're out for an evening, at the office or away on vacation, mydlink-enabled cameras let you keep a close, constant eye on all that's important to you.

The mydlink Lite app also supports D-Link Cloud Routers, giving you the tools you need to check and manage your network when you’re away from home. See who’s connected to your network and check your router’s current upload/download bandwidth, or manage your wireless network security, password, and status. Parental controls allow you to see a list of recently visited web domains for each computer/device on your network so you can see what sites your children have visited when you were away, and you can block or unblock network access for individual devices as well.

To get started, just run the setup wizard on the CD included with your product; it walks you step by step through the installation process, and helps you create a mydlink account for your device.

For more information, go to

Features of the mydlink Lite:
- View your mydlink camera’s live video, including a full-screen view
- Supports h.264 video streaming from the DCS-940L, DCS-942L, DCS-5211L, and DCS-5222L for smoother video
- Listen to audio picked up by your mydlink camera’s microphone (for audio-enabled models)
- Save snapshots of your mydlink camera’s video to your Android Phone
- View the online status of your mydlink cameras
- Remotely monitor and configure your CloudRouter DIR-600L, 605L, 619L, 900L, 905L, 919L series
- Listen to your own music while using the app

mydlink Lite is currently compatible with the following devices:
- DCS-930L mydlink-enabled Wireless N Network Camera
- DCS-932L mydlink-enabled Wireless N Network Camera
- DCS-942L mydlink-enabled Wireless N Day/Night Home Network Camera
- DCS-940L mydlink-enabled Wireless N H.264 Network Camera
- DCS-1100 mydlink-enabled Wired Network Camera
- DCS-1130 mydlink-enabled Wireless N Network Camera
- DCS-5211L mydlink-enabled PoE HD Pan/Tilt Network Camera
- DCS-5222L mydlink-enabled Wireless HD Pan/Tilt Network Camera
- DCS-5230L mydlink-enabled Wireless N Pan/Tilt Network Camera
- DCS-2132L mydlink-enabled HD Wireless N Cube Network Camera
- DCS-2310L mydlink-enabled HD PoE Outdoor Cube Network Camera
- DCS-7010L mydlink-enabled HD Mini Bullet Outdoor Network Camera
- DCS-6010L mydlink-enabled Wireless N 360° Home Network Camera
- DCS-932LB1 (MJPEG)
- DIR-600L CloudRouter
- DIR-605L CloudRouter
- DIR-619L CloudRouter
- DIR-900L CloudRouter
- DIR-905L CloudRouter
- DIR-636L CloudRouter
- DIR-826L CloudRouter
- DIR-865L CloudRouter
- DNR-322L NVR

*The mydlink Lite app is dynamically linked to the FFmpeg shared video decoding library, which was compiled to contain LGPL decoders and splitters only. The repository can be cloned from git:// using the git clone command.
*mydlink Lite starts to support Android 4.0 or above officially.
*For tablet users, we recommend downloading the mydlink+ app.
*App won't guarantee to support Android devices that use "dirty" linux kernel (e.g. LG P990).

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Google Play Comments

Bad video data. Please try again later (343ff4000)This app is great on iphone or ipod touch. but it gives this error on all of my android devices. Rendering it completly usless for android. I have 3 android devices. An Ainol nova7 tornado Tablet, a Galaxy 5 phone and a Galaxy Fit phone, and I get the same error on all of them after 20 seconds or so.
Was good before upgrade.After update can only connect on the same WiFi that the cameras are on. Will not connect anywhere else but one out of twenty times giving error code 2001f200a. Please fix. EVO LTE.
SucksUnable to connect most of the time. Totally unreliable.

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