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Oct 22, 2012
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My Police Department (MyPD)


My Police Department (MyPD) Description

Placing your Police Department services at your fingertips! The MyPD police app is built to connect citizens and students to their local police and allow the community to become more involved right from your smartphone.

Local, State, and College Police Departments as well as other law enforcement agencies are using this app to provide you with better service and improve communication. The My Police Department (MyPD) app initially launched in 2011 for Android and iPhone, the app and its partner agencies have been featured in various publications and news agencies.

The MyPD app is free to download and does not require you to sign in or sign up to use the app.

Police agencies using this app are offering citizens the following options:

• Latest Tweets from Twitter
• 2 types of push notifications
• Report anonymous crime tips
• Commend a Police Officer
• Submit Feedback to your Police
• Ask Questions
• Community Surveys
• Directions to the Police Department
• Police Department Contacts
• Facebook
• Twitter
• YouTube or Video
• Google +
• Most Wanted
• Blog
• Jail Info
• Weather Service
• National Terrorism Advisory System
• New & Alerts page
• Crime Map
• Website
• Online Reporting
• Encrypted transfer of messages

These are just some of the many options that your Police Department is making available to you here. A growing number of Police Departments are utilizing this app for the citizens they serve. If you don't see your Department here, let them know they should join!

Some of the Police Departments using the MyPD app are the; Boston Police, Green Bay Police, Beverly Police, Cambridge Police, Rochester Police, Waco Police, Dunwoody Police, Chesapeake Police, Peabody Police, Mountain View Police, Fremont Police, West Sacramento Police, Brimfield Police, Cibolo Police, Hobbs Police, Kingston Police, Chelsea Police, North Andover Police, South Portland Police, and many more in Massachusetts, Maine, New York, California, Texas, Virginia, Ontario, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Utah, Georgia, Alabama, and New Mexico.

Please do not expect your police or other local law enforcement agency here if they have not opted to use the app. Please do not give the app a bad rating because your agency is not here. Send us an email and we will encourage them to join.

Please see and read our full terms and privacy in your app settings or at or

Please report any bugs to

This app is not for emergency use or communication with law enforcement or for immediate response situations. Always dial 9-1-1 in the United States or Canada for an emergency situation.

My Police Department is a Federally registered trademark of Wired Blue LLC. WiredBlue and MyPD are trademarks of Wired Blue LLC.

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Good, works well!Like all the options and features. For those giving it one star because your "big" department is not on the app, IF you read the welcome message like I did you would read that departments must sign up to use the app. If not they won't be on it. Obviously it is an app that police control for info not the developer. don't blame my department and the app because your department is not smart enough to use it. My department is here and they announced it which is how I found it. Nice app!
My pdGreat app. Good info
LameIt doesn't even have Chicago, IL. Really? Its the 3rd biggest city in the country! Come on now...

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