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Oct 01, 2011
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My Meetings


My Meetings Description

My Meetings provides the best place to store your Meeting, Appointment and Call details, which includes Attendees & Decision Making details etc. Details can be tracked with respect to Date, Week, Month, Year, Type & Customized settings. Simple and Attractive options for Editing, Viewing and Deleting the data. Meeting details can be exported to CSV format. Professional User-Interface. A Complete Personal and Business Management Utility.

Meeting / Appointment / Call:
Following Details are provided for each Meeting / Appointment / Call.
• Description
• Date and Time
• Type (Appointment / Meeting / Call)
• Venue
• Who Presided the Meeting?
• Discussion Details
• Attendees
• Decisions Made

• Any number of details can be added with user's choice.
• Details are added with respect to Date and Time.
• Simple way to Edit and Delete the details.
• Novel way of browsing the options through a pop-up menu.
• Attractive summary option to view the important details.
• Details will be stored and displayed in date sorted format.

Tracking Methods:
• Details can be tracked with respect to day, week, month and year.
• Customized date setting options are also provided to track details.
• Details can also be tracked with respect to types.
• Every option that is normally performed, can be used after month/date tracking and type tracking.

Export option:
All the meeting details can be exported to CSV format using this option.

Key Features:
• Professionally and Newly designed user-interface that speeds up Data Entry and Easy Viewing.
• Finest Tracking options based on Day, Week, Month, Year, Type & Customized Settings.
• Every Details of a Meeting is covered.
• Pleasant presentation of summary.
• Attractive CSV Export option.
• Novel way of browsing options using a pop-up menu.

A Comfort at your Hand

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Not goodHas potential................... my appointments don't show up and no notifications And developer does not respond, well a complete waste of almost $3 and my time

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