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Sep 10, 2013
2.2 and up
Avg. score: 2.8
Rating: 338

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My First TRAINZ Set


My First TRAINZ Set Description

Trains, Tracks, Army Men, Buildings ... the perfect train set for the kids without all the mess to clean up afterwards!

Introducing My First TRAINZ Set!

Get the creative juices flowing as you build winding tracks up, around and through real life rooms in a house! Sit back and take in the view as you watch trains steam around your masterpiece. You can even interact with different industries to pickup and drop off passengers and inventory.

Instead of kids fighting over a violent video game, imagine your thrill when they are feverishly working together to build train tracks all over the bedroom, living room, kitchen or garage!

My First TRAINZ Set brings the joy of model train building to touch devices in a format that is kid-friendly, creative and fun.


* You're the designer! Build winding, climbing tracks and build it over, under, around and through more objects than you can poke a stick at!
* Build Team-Work! Your kids will never get along better than this as they work together to build tracks that will WOW you.
* Nine realistic trains to drive! From old chugging steamers to shiny bullet trains.
* Let your children’s (and your!) creativity run wild. Four huge rooms, Countless Items to build on / through / under, Nine Trains and a Track Builder mean that there is virtually limitless gameplay!
* Developed by the company that has been making the very best Train Simulation games for over 10 years!

* Enhanced graphics and effects for NVIDIA Tegra powered devices.

Note: Unfortunately there are just so many Android devices in the market and suppliers update their specs all the time. We have to make the best judgment as to which devices will work with our product outside of our quality assurance. If you are experiencing issues on your device we would love to hear from you. Please contact support so we can attempt to resolve it.

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Google Play Comments

REFUNDI want refund, because it does not work with SGS III?! That's the TOP ANDROID phone and its not working?! And after install and try to play it, then uninstall and no REFUND?!
Not bad HTC sensation xlwell I have had the game for a little while and it's ok wish it was easier to move around the screen especially when trying to build a track but it jumps to quickly the flow of the game is good no problems there just the camera movements is an issue spend more time trying to get a good view than actually playing the game some improvements could be made but it's not the worst game i have ever played.
Good effort for the priceControl interface lacks finesse when building and was giving me a headache after five minutes, but given the low price it's really not bad.

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