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My First Baby

Are you prepared for your first baby?

Are you expecting? Is the time getting closer to giving birth to your first baby? So many mothers to be are completely unprepared for motherhood and the arrival of a little one, but stress not, we have all the answers you need.

The arrival of a newborn baby can come with a mixed bag of emotions, the responsibility, the clothes, the bottles, the cots, the list goes on! First time parents may even start to panic and think "Who do we turn to?".

There are of course friends and family, but more often than not the parents to be head off to the bookstore and pickup as many books as they can! Well that's the "My First Baby" app is just for you.

Inside our app you will find:
-Bonding time with my first baby
-Communicating with my first baby
-Fashion tips for my first baby
-How to change my first baby's diaper
-My first baby essentials
-My first baby feeding guide
-My first baby-learning the basics
-My first baby-understanding the crying game
-Nutritious bites for my first baby
-The joys and angst of holding my first baby
and so much more.
You really need to be prepared for the BIG day, and this app will take you by the hand with simple to understand tips and advice. Thanks.

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