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Dec 29, 2012
2.2 and up
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My Fashion Assistant - Closet


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Import your actual clothes, create outfits, plan what to wear and manage your style. Over 50 features to help you get the most out of your closet. Get organized, plan ahead, style smarter, shop wiser, feel and look better, with My Fashion Assistant! Now more than ever is the time for you to get your own personal closet organizer, style manager, fashion assistant and shopping companion.
MFA is the first of its kind specifically created as an Android app, WITH the ability to share information between Android and Apple devices.
It is the must-have fashion tool that has been designed by fashion experts for both the Fashionista and the simple fashion conscious person in all of us. Find out what everyone is talking about...
"We love this app, which acts as your very own stylist. MFA keeps track of what you have, what you wear, what you want, and it allows you to mix and match it all..." ~ InStyle Magazine
"My favorite App is My Fashion Assistant..." ~ Audrina Patridge, Us Weekly
FEATURES & BENEFITS✩ PICTURES ~ Take pictures or import images of your Tops, Bottoms, Shoes, Dresses, Accessories & Handbags.✩ CLOSET ~ Add Items you Own to your "Closet" (I Have It!)✩ FITTING ROOM ~ Add your Wish List Items to your "Fitting Room" (I Want It!) when you are out shopping or shopping to view later.✩ MIX & MATCH ~ Slide through everything you own and everything you want to own with the REVOLUTIONARY 3-PANEL & 2-PANEL FASHION SLIDERS(TM)✩ CREATE OUTFITS ~ Slide, tap, create and categorize Outfits for every occasion.✩ LAYER & ACCESSORIZE ~ Do it all to your Outfits with up to 6 Layers & Accessories.✩ WINDOW SHOP ONLINE ~ Add Items from your favorite stores to your Personal Fitting Room & "Try Before You Buy!"✩ CALENDARS ~ Schedule & track what you wore with interactive, fully visible Item & Outfit Calendars.✩ TAG & SORT ~ Save and find Items and Outfits by Color, Season, Clothing Label, Categories and more!✩ CONNECT & SHARE ~ E-Mail & Post Items and Outfits to FACEBOOK & TWITTER to friends to get their valuable fashion feedback. Even with friends who don't have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.✩ SALE CALCULATOR ~ Want to know what something REALLY costs? This calculator will calculate the final sale price that you will pay based on a percent off the listed even includes taxes.✩ QUICK SEARCH ~ Tag Items & Outfits with notes and keywords for quick finds.✩ BACKUP & RESTORE SAFEGUARD ~ Protect your valuable time & data with backup and restore protection for when something unfortunate happens or you lose your device. Restore all of your saved images and information with a touch of a button.✩ FASHION TIPS ~ Receive expert fashion advice from our Fashion Tips & Tidbits.✩ SUPPORT ~ E-mail (✩ EVERYTHING AT YOUR FINGERTIPS ~ Never forget what you own again - take your entire wardrobe with you wherever you go!✩ ORGANIZE ~ Organize Items & Outfits in specific Fashion Categories so you can quickly and easily look them up.IT'S PAPER DOLLS...Redefined!✩ Save time by planning ahead & shopping smarter.
✩ Try before you buy, by Mixing & Matching Fitting Room Item with Items you own.
✩ Eliminate messy closets & piles of clothes all over your floor.
✩ Now there's a place to put all those pictures of clothes to share with your friends and refer to them later!*********************ADDITIONAL INFORMATION...
✩ To prevent piracy, we ask you to register your copy (with your name, email and DOB) of MFA. You will need to be connected to the Internet to register, however, to use the app from that point forward, an INTERNET CONNECTION IS NOT REQUIRED. keywords:fashion,style,closet,closet organizer,shoes,clothes,wear,shop,shopping,wedding,makeup,dress,model,e,lgbt

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Tool many bugsThe first month I had this it worked I thought. Actually it had a sync problem. It got STUCK. in the sync and never finished and never saved my work. One day it was all gone. Have worked with their very nice svc division but they cannot seem to get the bugs worked out. Sad ... since it's a good concept and. I PAID FOR THE APP!
Best Closet Organizer & Style Manager Out There!I bought MFA about 6 months ago on a whim. Now I use it every day. A must-have app. I recommend to all of my friends. 100% worth it!!!
not that usefull...well for android it doesnt work well.. it keeps saying " it is synching clothes etc.." and when i prepare a combination my items looks so small in the blank page and i cannot zoom in..

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