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Jun 25, 2011
2.0 and up
Avg. score: 3.3
Rating: 13

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My Car Finder


My Car Finder Description

My Car Finder provides an easy way to remember where you park your car, then be able to find it again later.

Park your car, and use your phone to remember your parking spot using one or more of a variety of ways including pinpointing your location with your GPS, choosing your spot on a map, take a photo, and/or take a note. Notes are particularly handy when parking underground or multilevel car parks. There's also a handy parking timer that can optionally beep or buzz you when your time is running out.

Finding your car is as easy as following the map or compass, or viewing your photo. A handy display shows how far and what direction your car is in. Have trouble with maps and compasses? Use the Navigate option to launch Google's Navigation app to give you walking directions back to your car.

There's support for both metric and imperial units for whatever is your fancy.

Please bear in mind that this app will only be as accurate as your phone's sensors.

Please also let us know if there are any other features that you would like, or if you encounter any issues.

Potential upcoming features
Widget(s) for quick save and find
Voice recording - Save a quick recording, similar to taking a note.
An augmented reality view - This will use the camera to display roughly where your car is.

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Google Play Comments

Sucks a battery dry, fastThat would be the worse part. The next is the way the compass points everywhere but where your car is.
The BestThis is the best app for parking your car. simple 2 buttons. Also times it and tells u the duration u have parked. You can even switch off ur fone.
I couldn't stop this program. I hate it when a program finds itself so ...I couldn't stop this program. I hate it when a program finds itself so important that it won"t allow it to be stopped.

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