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Nov 16, 2013
2.1 and up
Varies with device
Avg. score: 4.6
Rating: 18984

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Music Folder Player Free


Music Folder Player Free Description

Music Folder Player is an alternative music player.

This app supports the following languages:
English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Chinese (Simplified), Turkish.

Please contact me via email in case of problems.

This player behaves different to the Android standard player and most alternative players. It is particularly suitable for people who often want to switch between music and audio books/podcasts.


* Folder list
The user interface of the player is not based on artists or albums, but on the folder structure. Each folder which contains audio files will appear in the list separately.

* Quickly switch between folders
If you select a folder in the folder list, it will start exactly at the last played position. This allows you to quickly switch between folders. There no need to create bookmarks manually.

* Seek Buttons
For long podcasts and audio books it is difficult to skip to a certain position. Especially if the audio book is one big file. Therefore the Music Folder Player provides 'Seek Buttons'. They can be used to jump in step forward or backward. The jump distance and direction is configurable for each button between 1s and 99s and between 1% and 9%.

* Equalizer (devices with Android 2.3 or newer)
> Customizable settings: 4
> Predefined settings: 8 (Bass Booster, Bass Reducer, Treble Booster, Treble Reducer, Vocal Booster, Vocal Reducer, Volume Booster, Party)
Sorry, but implementing equalizer and effects for older Android versions is very complex and requires licenses.

* Virtual Room Effect (Android 2.3 or newer) ,

* Reverb Effect (Android 2.3 or newer)

* Balance control

* Font Size
Since there are many different Android devices with different screen resolutions, you can adjust the font size to your needs.

* Shuffle files within the current folder.

* Shuffle files of all folders

* Repeat single files (long press on playing track)

* Delete single files
You can delete a single file if is is not played currently. Simply long press on the file and choose 'Delete'.

* Rename single files
You can rename a single file if is is not played currently. Simply long press on the file and choose 'Rename'.

* Sleep Timer
The sleep timer stops and exits the player after a selectable time or at the end of the current track. The sound is fading out some seconds before the timer ends. This prevents you from waking up suddenly.

* Extended headset control
If your headset has only one button, you can skip to the next track by double click. A single click pauses the playback. This also works in shuffle mode.

* Undo function
If you accidentally touch a button or select another track, the undo button appears.

* Lyrics via musiXmatch app

* scrobbling via app or 'Simple Scrobbler'

* Search function

The ad-free version of this player is available on the market now.

For more information please visit my website.
Please report bugs and suggestions by e-mail.


Tags: Music player, musicplayer, MortPlayer, audiobook, audio book, hörbuch, podcast, PlayerPro, Poweramp, Meridian, Astro Player, Mixzing, WinAmp

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Google Play Comments

Strange developersI uninstalled one to have this but i was shocked to see there is no option of moving the files.I thought i will listen to every song and re arrange them. But why he gave the option of delete and rename then. But it's good for them who have already arranged their folder and just wana listen to music and never move files. A basic feature!
Great for windows filesGreat program if you use files like in windows on a pc. Other music programs grab all your music but if you havnt set that up correct then your musics all mixed up. With this it just plays file after file. To easy :o)
Jessica W.
Great!Good application! It's not as fancy but that's what I like when it comes to basic music management and usage.

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