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Feb 21, 2013
2.1 and up
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MultiWindow Messenger


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MultiWindow Messenger is the one of its kind floating sms conversation application.This is multitasking, floating window application for message conversation as floating video window in Samsung Galaxy Note II, now that kind of functionality you can have in your phone as well.You can have similar experience just like multiple chat windows of computers on your android device. MultiWindow Messenger can run over any running applications and directly reply from there along with thread conversations. MultiWindow Messenger floating window can run on any running application like internet surfing, video app,etc..Now you dont need to start special messaging app to view message and reply, you can do it with floating window without any disturbance.You can start Messenger window from contacts or any number from compose tab or select recent conversation from messaging tab, once chat window is started you can send message to that contact, view complete thread, minimize window after reply, that will reside in notification bar of android phone. When any new message received app will show notification to restore window, or if window is already on screen, it will blink that window.Replace default messenger app with this awesome multitasking conversation app.Setting for opening new popup chat window for any new incoming message.Set default sms sender message action for this option.Also you can re-size the messenger window by pinch to zoom or click and drag from bottom right corner, minimize the window in notification bar, maximize window to full screen, close window after completion.This app is supported by all android phone or tablet above 2.1.Get multitasking experience like android jellybean and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in your device without update.
Tags: floating chat,multitasking, floating window, sms popup, multiwindow messenger,floating sms window

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