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Oct 31, 2012
2.2 and up
Avg. score: 4.3
Rating: 92

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Mr.Space!! Description

The app achieved universal popularity!
(USA,Japan,Canada,The UK,Australia and so on)----------
"Mr." series appears!
The game gives you full of thrill and excitement.
Name of the game is..."Mr.Space!!"Your dexterity is the key to survival!
Locate the safe place, and run for it!
Simple controls meet nail-biting tension in one dynamic action game!----------------------
**[How to Play]1. Find the hidden "Space".
2. Escape.
3. It's that simple! ...Or is it?You've got two chances.
Escape your way to the top of the leaderboard!- Easy controls and intuitive gameplay.
- Online global leaderboard.
- Enjoy everyday with Today's leaderboard!
- Adjustable keypad control.----------------------
**Facts#1 in App ranking in USA,Japan and Canada.----------------------
**User reviews-Takes no time to learn how to play. Very well put together, extremely simple, and super addicting!
Very good game, sometimes simple things are just better-It really keeps you on your toe! And keep your mind moving.-This simple formula, combined with pounding, driving music, really pushes you to play your best.
It creates a true sense of accomplishment, and a satisfying feeling of defeat as well.----------------------
**Media reviews-"Mr. Space!!" may seem easy at first but the difficulty starts ramping up around level 25.
Soon you'll be making split second judgments and hitting that replay button to try and top your last high score.
A time waster worth checking out.(App"Mr. Space!!" continues the Mr. tradition of highly energetic music, encouraging sound effects,
and of course the constantly moving grid background.(Touch Arcade)----------------------
Everybody please give it a try!!
This Version is Ad Free!!Presented by PONOS

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Google Play Comments

Excellent and addictive game, but...There's not a whole lot to it, it's very shallow. You see what you get. I like it and thought it was worth the purchase, but there's not much else to the concept. Works perfectly on my GN.
Good job on the upgradeJust got a new update of software, must say THANK YOU for working on the screen size of the game. Now it occupied the whole screen... Really appreciate your effort in solving the user's request. Thanks.... Old complaint Reason why we buy the Samsung Note is because we expect the games to fill the screen. It is disappointing that you mentioned that app is compatible with this model but it's not. As for the game itself, it good.
PerfectNow I just need to wait for Mr.Oops to come out for android devices

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